Discovery Channel KOREA NEXT- 슈퍼 주니어 -SUPER JUNIOR-SIWON -BAP


  1. usuario samsung

    usuario samsung

    2 년 전

    Familia k'pop

  2. usuario samsung

    usuario samsung

    2 년 전


  3. نوف القحطاني

    نوف القحطاني

    5 년 전

    suju + elf = 4ever

  4. Audrey Anastasia

    Audrey Anastasia

    5 년 전

    Super Junior and BAP Fighting!! So proud being an ELF and BABY ^^

  5. Hang Nguyen

    Hang Nguyen

    5 년 전


  6. Michelle Chan

    Michelle Chan

    5 년 전

    "In 5 years or within 5 years from 2012? A pop icon will rise out of Asia to ultimate superstardom in the united states and the rest of the world" ... Siwon are you talking about Super Junior?? haha its now happening ;) Super junior taebak!!!!!!

  7. bmyangel6


    5 년 전

    What song was bap performing at around 3:38?

    • daejae ftw

      daejae ftw

      4 년 전

      crash lol

  8. Yhoshira Mis

    Yhoshira Mis

    5 년 전

    Super Junior

  9. Thia Farisi

    Thia Farisi

    6 년 전

    OMG! SUPER JUNIOR SO AWESOME! *0* I'm proud being part of ELF! ♥ B.A.P welcome to the world of top Hallyu wave! b^.^d

  10. Zack Kyuzo

    Zack Kyuzo

    6 년 전

    Super Junior, the last man standing

  11. Maymay


    6 년 전

    I totally agree with what Lee Buyng Hun said.

  12. Romi


    6 년 전

    I have many Korean friends can talk in perfect English :)

  13. Cherrym Park

    Cherrym Park

    6 년 전

    i watched this because of b.a.p and i actually got surprised that all these korean people are so good at so proud koreans!! ^^because im korean

  14. Venice Camacho

    Venice Camacho

    6 년 전

    I hope that the other countries would learn from this. =)))

  15. flowerwht


    6 년 전

    8D suju~ bap~

  16. The shirt Suga wore in Fire MV

    The shirt Suga wore in Fire MV

    6 년 전

    They say that the biggest K-pop groups are born every 8 years with H.O.T debuting in 1996 and DBSK in 2004.. people think B.A.P is the next group since they debuted in 2012.. they're already the most popular rookie group and they set a record for having their first solo concert only 394 days after debut. I think it might be true.

  17. AmyBabyJ92


    6 년 전

    Everyone in the US should contact Discovery channel, and explain that we want this documentary aired, not only because we want to see it, but I think for our love and the future of the k-wave, and our idols it needs to be shared. The whole world should be introduced to K-pop.

  18. AmyBabyJ92


    6 년 전

    7:12, Siwon speaks english? did anyone else not know that?

  19. hero14407


    6 년 전


  20. Cendi Candido

    Cendi Candido

    7 년 전


  21. papas fritas

    papas fritas

    7 년 전

    B.A.P!!! ♥

  22. Interstellar


    7 년 전

    I wish that the barrier to call people who doesn't have korean parents but live in korea foreigners, I mean so what if you actually have for example white skin while they have "asian skin" if they could take away that attitude then the Hallyu wave would become so much bigger

  23. sarahborrink


    7 년 전

    I think Siwon is that star who is rising to ultimate superstardom. Psy has definitely made an impact on America, and for a lot of Americans he had been their introduction to kpop. For me, lee min Ho, ss501, and SUJU were my entrance into kpop nearly 3 years ago

  24. krissylove11


    7 년 전

    TS vice pres is hot!!

  25. ELFishy1001


    7 년 전

    Wow I'm in tears rn. I feel so proud of my hardworking babies

  26. Priscilla Piox

    Priscilla Piox

    7 년 전

    O.O Lo transmitieron en Améria Latina? xD

  27. Prutha Masodkar

    Prutha Masodkar

    7 년 전

    Now it's airing in my country!!~~~ OMG... KPOP is Spreading!!! kpop...their!!! GO KPOP RULE THE WORLD!!! *CRIES*

  28. xiLovePockyx


    7 년 전


  29. milkynuttelo


    7 년 전

    Super Junior and B.A.P \^O^/

  30. YiXue Mei

    YiXue Mei

    7 년 전

    Я люблю Корею, k-pop и B.A.P надеюсь они станут очень знаменитыми!!

  31. Romi


    7 년 전

    it's good that you like :D

  32. CJihoo


    7 년 전

    Thank you so much for uploading this! I hadn't seen a thing about it all weekend and I was freaking out that no one would upload it. Thank you!

  33. Romi


    7 년 전

    1. superman 2.opera Japaneseversion free and single

  34. Sana Khan

    Sana Khan

    7 년 전

    Korean fan from the very beginning. I absolutely loved the end few minutes. Korean has gone far and it's amazing. I love everything about their music, dramas, shows and culture. I launguage is really interesting. Korea is amazing... just... wow~ And I loved B.A.P's laugh at the end XD

  35. Sana Khan

    Sana Khan

    7 년 전


  36. Sana Khan

    Sana Khan

    7 년 전

    Does this come on in England??????????

  37. ZalleKim


    7 년 전

    what is the song at 5:08?

  38. choi nissa

    choi nissa

    7 년 전


  39. Vy Pham

    Vy Pham

    7 년 전

    I love B.A.P

  40. ShiroChii90


    7 년 전

    bap and siwon

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