Aircraft Carriers in World War II: launched, commissioned, sunken

History of WW2 Carriers.
Gagool by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


  1. MemeLover


    개월 전

    Well USA had way more than that,You probably missed light and escort carriers.

  2. Riccardo Pratesi

    Riccardo Pratesi

    5 개월 전

    Hi friend is inaccurate here are two links to help you and better document:

  3. Gary Davis

    Gary Davis

    6 개월 전

    The 1 marked Langley CV1 is actually The USS Ranger CV4

  4. Sean Keste Bernales

    Sean Keste Bernales

    8 개월 전

    USS Enterprise didn't sank because she has Lucky E -AL Player



    년 전

    If Hitler had listened to his Generals not to brake the Nazi-Soviet non aggression pact and not to attack the Soviet Union Germany could have focused on one front

    • B61


      2 개월 전

      Between the Fall of France in mid 1940 and the start of Operation Barbarossa mid 1941 they only had one enemy to contend with - Britain and its Commonwealth. They lost the battle of Britain, and could not invade Britain, and lost the battle of the Atlantic and could not starve Britain. They could not win in North Africa, they couldn't even take Malta. They could never have conquered the world no matter what Hitler did or didn't do. Had he not invaded the Soviet Union, the war may have been prolonged and Germany would have copped a few atom bombs too. Then what? Fuck Hitler

  6. Dogsoldier 1950

    Dogsoldier 1950

    년 전

    In 1958 on navy day went to Alameda NS with my dad, a shipwrights. Visited the Bon Homme Richard. At 7 I was amazed that she had a wooden deck

  7. Muhd Shuhairi

    Muhd Shuhairi

    년 전

    What is the diffrence between escort carriers and Their Bigger Sized Aircraft Carriers?.

    • Mike DeMarco

      Mike DeMarco

      년 전

      Muhd Shuhairi, Escort carriers were smaller ships usually adapted from merchant hulls, whose air wings were used to protect convoys, etc. The larger carriers, including the Smaller Independence Class which was about the same sizes as the escorts, were used at the center of offensive carrier groups.

  8. mwtrolle


    년 전

    why are there no escort carriers mentioned?

    • centroeuropa


      년 전

      That would need a much longer video...

  9. Tyrone Marcucci

    Tyrone Marcucci

    년 전

    What is shown as the Langley CV1 is actually the USS Ranger Cv-4. Sorry presentation.

    • raffica26


      11 개월 전

      At 1:02 in the video. Spotted it as well.

  10. O T

    O T

    년 전

    In correct English, you don't say "Aircrafts" it is just "Aircraft!" I hope that helps.

  11. Bear Buster

    Bear Buster

    년 전

    USA had 114 carriers at end of war!

    • Andrew Taylor

      Andrew Taylor

      2 개월 전

      VietcongHere2banzai True, but it doesn’t include the 30 or so additional escort carriers that the US built for Lend Lease. Largely going to Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. The US’s WW2 shipbuilding capacity was staggering. By mid 1943 they were launching a new warship daily. 4carriers/month with 1/month being an Essex class fleet carrier. You have to wonder about the Japanese Admiralties reaction from early 1943 when the US was down to one operational carrier in the Pacific, Enterprise, to just a few months later when the seas were filled with US Carriers. When they first got the scouts reports from the Philippine sea “you found how many carriers?”

    • Bear Buster

      Bear Buster

      년 전

      Blitzkrieg Smaller carrier's had as much to do with domination of the oceans as large ones!

    • VietcongHere2banzai


      년 전

      That included jeepney/escort carriers

  12. Eric Vandet

    Eric Vandet

    년 전

    OK, where the heck are Lexington and Saratoga (the originals) and Ranger? and, oh yeah, the Independence class? Since the Lex and sara where the largest carriers in the world at the start, and the Ranger the first purpose built carrier of the US, I think they would count, and would change your totals. The independence class also had as many planes as the British carriers so that would change the totals after 43 as well.

  13. Kevin Hoffman

    Kevin Hoffman

    년 전

    informative music was a little bizarre though . first world war should have been the one to end all wars . after the second one we better figure a better way to get along ! God help us all brothers n sisters I fear a little for our kids .

    • Cory Ludwig

      Cory Ludwig

      년 전

      Kevin Hoffman lol gods not real🤫🤤

  14. Joseph Gore Jr.

    Joseph Gore Jr.

    년 전

    What's with the music? Bizarre...

    • ACS Shap

      ACS Shap

      년 전

      Sounds like Close Encounters of the Third Kind

  15. Sam Aguirre

    Sam Aguirre

    년 전

    This illiterates just how bad carriers are all countries involved lost more of them than were building till the end, this is especially hard on countries like Japan who don’t have the resources to make a lot of them!! America should’ve called it quits after losing all it’s carriers at the beginning but could replace them one for one and towards the end threefold but still lost one carrier in every war after WW2 Korean War one early on (a light carrier) one in Vietnam war (although not to enemy forces accident on board) the Mediterranean conflict one (hit by a missile and subsequently scrapped) most recently Russian submarines have proven to be able penetrate a carrier’s defenses and could sink them. Are they worth it when small carriers really won WW2 (more escort carriers and light carriers were built and active than fleet carriers until now, now we have none and are spending over a billion pounds on a single large carrier (my opinion only, smaller carriers are better)?!

    • Bear Buster

      Bear Buster

      년 전

      Horatio Nelson Yes Sir! USA produced 140 and gave away many more than were lost!

    • Horatio Nelson

      Horatio Nelson

      년 전

      You realize that there were many more carriers than this, right? America had over 100 carriers at the end of the war if you include escort carriers. Only nation's that didn't have the resources lost carriers faster than they could make them, and the US and UK were not a part of that group.

    • Dwayne Morton

      Dwayne Morton

      년 전

      "America should of called it quits", and surrendered the Pacific to the Faciest? Absolutely the stupidest thing I've heard.

    • James Behrje

      James Behrje

      년 전

      How old are you? ? ? Geesh. You know nothing about what life was like in the 1930's do you? ? ? they didnt havev 2020 technology back then. At the time they were needed. Today aircraft carriers might not be as relevant and may even be a liability to a navy with the invention of new weapons and the increasing use of space technologies. Back then we haven't even flown a rocket out of the atmosphere let alone space. Back then we didn't have missiles that could hit a target 1000 miles wide from a mile away. There was no guidance systems or autopilot for anything back then. Everything had to be controlled by a physical person before the war. Radio control technology didn't exsist prior to the war. Carriers today are good for transporting power from one area of the world to another. Places that that have little or no transportation facilities or governmental infrastucture are where they are of most value. Today's technology and globalization is increasingly making the carrier less relevant. If youre a country you shouldn't throw all your eggs in one basket. At the same time you shouldn't throw out proven technology for something that is still new and unproven. Only when the newer technology has proven itself then its time to move on but dont ever forget the old technology because you may have to use it again soneday.

    • Joe Boscarino

      Joe Boscarino

      년 전

      The US didn't lose it's carriers at the beginning of the war , it lost it's main battle fleet , the battleships . Carriers were out at sea when the attack occurred .

  16. IMC IMC


    년 전

    Never mentioned the Italian

    • John Smith

      John Smith

      년 전

      They only counted Carriers that actually completed or they would have added Germany's Graf Zeppelin.

  17. sfromeo


    년 전

    The USS Lexington sank at Coral Sea.

    • Lee Mc Donald

      Lee Mc Donald

      년 전

      sfromeo Yes, USS Lexington CV2 sank at the Battle of the Coral Sea. USS Lexington CV16, an Essex Class Carrier, the longest serving Essex Class Carrier, is now a museum ship.

  18. Duncan Ward

    Duncan Ward

    년 전

    Not accurate, doesn't include the British Light Fleet and Maintenance carriers in service from 1943 onwards, or any mention of the Escort Carriers on any of the carrier owning nations.

    • John Smith

      John Smith

      년 전

      If the added light and escort carriers the US had over 141 carries during the war.

    • centroeuropa


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    chido tu canal cuando subes de acorazados porfa

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