LiveLeak- Iraqi Forces Hitting VBIED with MG


  1. Zhیar Ibrahim

    Zhیar Ibrahim

    6 개월 전

    It’s the Peshmerga and not Iraqi shit

  2. Rahmad Mulya

    Rahmad Mulya

    년 전

    Fucking huge

  3. Nick Estrada

    Nick Estrada

    년 전

    That sound of the explosion broke my sound system 😬

    • omran ali

      omran ali

      6 일 전

      ​@Justin Walters he died .. What is strange ?? We all will surely die But he died a hero .. >> Enough that 80 army state alliance was fighting him .. This is enough >> btw Cowardly America relies on spies and aviation to fight the caliphate .. ### Now the caliph of Muslims is ( Abu Ibrahim al-Quraishi al-Hashemi |) he is more powerful & violent and intense than al-Baghdadi

    • Justin Walters

      Justin Walters

      6 일 전

      omran ali What happened to Baghdadi lol

    • omran ali

      omran ali

      12 일 전

      @jejejejwhwjjwbe no

    • jejejejwhwjjwbe


      13 일 전

      @omran ali bruh u better be kidding

    • Raw Sauce

      Raw Sauce

      개월 전

      @omran ali fuck you

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