Naval Legends: History of the US Carrier-borne Aviation. Part 1 | World of Warships

CV rework arrives in Update 0.8.0. For that occasion we've prepared a special two-part episode about the history of U.S. Naval Aviation.
The first part will tell you about the birth of Naval Aviation and its development up to WWII.
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  1. World of Warships Official Channel

    World of Warships Official Channel

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    Did you enjoy this episode? Don't miss the second part next week!

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      Yoekim SNT

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    • WhiteEvilRainbow


      년 전

      yes we did bring part 2 asap <3

    • Beth Kalinowki

      Beth Kalinowki

      년 전

      World of Warships Official Channel please make more stuff like this! Waited to long

    • straswa


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      Great vid.

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      Diego Vinicio Mejía Quesada

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      World of Warships Official Channel I loved the intro music! will each nation have their own intro?

  2. Matt Siede

    Matt Siede

    2 개월 전

    These vids are AWESOME I learned more about war ships in these vids than I have learned in watching YEARS of historical documentaries on History, Learning, and Military channels!!! Thanks much to ALL involved in making these GREAT Vids

  3. Bailey W

    Bailey W

    2 개월 전

    The Japanese would fall to their own weapon

  4. Bailey W

    Bailey W

    3 개월 전

    *cannot become a strike force of the fleet* *Japan smacks pencil and paper* THE HELL WAS THAT AMERICA?

  5. Bailey W

    Bailey W

    3 개월 전

    From planes of the wright brothers To the biplanes of WW1 To the F9C sparrowhawk of the USS Macon and Akron zeppelins To the monoplanes of the WWII To the fighter Jets of today

  6. Jeep Girl All American

    Jeep Girl All American

    4 개월 전

    You skipped over the FC8 Helldiver!

  7. Randy Warren

    Randy Warren

    5 개월 전

    I know most of the world uses the metric system, but can you include the U. S. conversion for dimensions and speed?

  8. Vinnie Torres

    Vinnie Torres

    5 개월 전

    Being stationed in Pensacola i loved going to the Museum and watching the Blue Angels

  9. F Allen46

    F Allen46

    5 개월 전

    Dump the Metrics it does not impress me. A&P/IA .

  10. David J. MacKinney

    David J. MacKinney

    5 개월 전

    US planes, use feet and pounds.

  11. Tyrone Marcucci

    Tyrone Marcucci

    5 개월 전

    Why can't that screwy voice say "horse power" instead of HP?? Why not use an American voice?

  12. Whitpusmc


    5 개월 전

    We stand on the shoulders of giants. The bravery of those early pioneers and those of today’s carrier pilots is impressive.

  13. Drop Zone

    Drop Zone

    5 개월 전

    Love the Nation Museum of Naval Aviation. Live 18 miles from it. It also has a few of my Naval Aviation Search and Rescue equipment and patches from my my service and plaques from my squadrons and detachments. Also has a few items of my father's aviation gear donated.

  14. Tommy Estridge

    Tommy Estridge

    5 개월 전

    Why is it that when they reference the crew, they say 1 "person", what is the option, cows, dogs, songbirds?

  15. Stewart Ritchey

    Stewart Ritchey

    5 개월 전

    In an age where we are all instant targets, perhaps we should find another way to settle our disagreements.

  16. watchthe1369


    5 개월 전

    7.62mm= .30 caliber The medium Browning MG

  17. Roger Alsop

    Roger Alsop

    5 개월 전

    Most interesting.

  18. steven romero

    steven romero

    5 개월 전

    The World's Finest US Naval Aviation. Semper Fi

  19. ParagonPrime


    6 개월 전

    Tier 1 carriers with curtiss pusher's



    6 개월 전

    the best AC

  21. jonatas castilhos

    jonatas castilhos

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    Fala galera BR, quem quiser ver umas lives de WoWs é só no meu canal: @t

  22. Cory Fice

    Cory Fice

    8 개월 전

    Oh bugger, the Yamato is on fire.

  23. Donnie Montoya

    Donnie Montoya

    8 개월 전

    When I was at Navy "A" school in Pensacola, I volunteered at the museum every weekend for 10 hours at a time. I found something new everytime. An amazing place with some stunning aircraft.

    • Jason Irwin

      Jason Irwin

      개월 전

      I was there a few months ago A school students still volunteer at the museum.

  24. Halfcan Tan

    Halfcan Tan

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    Nice one Nicky A Mhac

  25. Green Fingernail dirt

    Green Fingernail dirt

    11 개월 전

    Im really laughing at the fact that some of the most unimportant and ridiculous things (not saying i mean this one just in general) get a naval legends episode but NOT ONE german ship like graf spee bismarck or scharnhorst. Because they damn well would DESERVE IT. Fuck you WG

  26. Dr_PalmTree


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    Hey World of Warships could you do a Naval legends of the USS Olympia in Philadelphia and the battle of Manila Bay?

  27. Dunseath Gaming

    Dunseath Gaming

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    yay cheiftan

  28. Jerred Boshears

    Jerred Boshears

    년 전

    We dont use metric so dont use it when talking about our planes

  29. partyzant_ Toudi_marcinPL

    partyzant_ Toudi_marcinPL

    년 전

    Gdzie polskie napisy

  30. Angela Cordry

    Angela Cordry

    년 전

    I love these I learn alot about aircraft and ships from you guys keep it up!

  31. King Mobius

    King Mobius

    년 전

    I've been to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola it is an awesome place to visit lots of historical aircraft and historical information and it's free admission but I still donate what I can whenever I visit

  32. tobbeb17 spel

    tobbeb17 spel

    년 전

    CV Rework !!!!!!!!!!!! suck fuck wg

  33. SirOrrin15


    년 전

    looks like we found our tier 1-3 aircraft carriers...

  34. KD is not 6'9

    KD is not 6'9

    년 전

    And people complain about cv rework in this game.🤣

  35. Elias De Siqueira

    Elias De Siqueira

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    Why use Viagra? You operate a miracle in my life! I love you both !

  36. SlowCooker


    년 전

    The guy talks about the inline engine (F6C-1), the 3D model is of an F6C-1, yet you say it uses the R-1340 (R for radial) as on the F6C-4???

  37. chrisangelo maderal

    chrisangelo maderal

    년 전

    Make sure you upload a part of this

  38. Trades46


    년 전

    The great debate between the "gun club" and the "air club" back in the 1910s would be the bane of almost all navies across the world.

  39. Han Han

    Han Han

    년 전

    A gem that 'those game' doesn't have...

  40. bonbonoof oof

    bonbonoof oof

    년 전

    When even documentaries leave u on a cliffhanger feelsbadman

  41. Admiral Farmuhan

    Admiral Farmuhan

    년 전

    the video that always to watch in this channel only the history, but the game........ i choose War Thunder

  42. Espiner Level

    Espiner Level

    년 전

    cv rework?

  43. MonkeyBricks34


    년 전

    Will there be one on Japanese Carrier Aviation?

  44. RayearthIX


    년 전

    Very good stuff here. Thank you for making it and I look forward to part 2. Hope you also make something like this for the UK, Japan, and Germany.

  45. KlipsFilms Melbourne

    KlipsFilms Melbourne

    년 전

    disney tarzan would have take place in 1920s frozen theory is wrong

  46. Andrew E.

    Andrew E.

    년 전

    Wish they'd gone into more detail about the Fleet Problems, which were only mentioned at the very end and almost in-passing, and how there were not only mock attacks on Pearl, but also a successful simulated strike on the Panama Canal. The results of the Fleet Problems caused the USN to begin shifting its doctrine to be more carrier-centric in the runup to WW2, and that's a big part of the reason the Essex class of fleet carriers were already beginning construction before the IJN attacked Pearl Harbor at the end of 1941. If the USN had waited until after Pearl to start laying down a new class of CV, it would have been quite a few more months before they started putting hulls to sea.

  47. Justin Oleynik

    Justin Oleynik

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  48. DrSeckzytime


    년 전

    If only CVs balance/gameplay in game and post patch were done as well as these videos.

  49. dasomi1


    년 전

    When 8.0 come i will be out of WoWs... When AA is fixet i am again in... But the Video is great... more of this!

  50. Rodrigo Dambo

    Rodrigo Dambo

    년 전

    Who PS4?

  51. Omer of Maribor

    Omer of Maribor

    년 전

    dear WG can we have a operation like battle of phillipphines sea or battle of midway? hundreds of aircraft in air fighting each other or attacking carriers? also more nightbattles :D

    • Legitjumps


      년 전

      Omer of Maribor not possible

  52. ELH Imp

    ELH Imp

    년 전

    WG it's not fun right now, ok?

  53. straswa


    년 전

    Great vid Warships team! The F4F Wildcat is my favorite warbird.

    • King Mobius

      King Mobius

      년 전

      The Naval Air Station museum in Pensacola also has an FM-2 on display along with other various unique and one-of-a-kind aircraft

  54. That guy

    That guy

    년 전

    Great video as usual from you guys! Would have been interesting to know the aircraft's maximum range and flight time though,more so than weight and dimensions. Looking forward to part 2.

  55. Anthony Payet

    Anthony Payet

    년 전

    Toujours pas de sous-titre en Français ?!?!? Je vais arrêter de jouer !!!!

  56. AkosJaccik


    년 전

    5:35 - "The landing was the issue." Why, what's the problem with that landing? Seems pretty decent to me. :) Anyway, as usual, quality historical content. Kudos for including the very early steps, for some reason I love those frightening, fragile-looking pre-proto-barelyinvented contraptions.

    • Huang Yujie

      Huang Yujie

      개월 전

      They are many problems with landing.The flight deck may be too short or the plane is too fast,so they can't catch the anchor rope in time and go overboard.

  57. Soon Ginn Lee

    Soon Ginn Lee

    년 전

    was hoping for the legendary carrier enterprise.. but this would do..

  58. Anh Trieu

    Anh Trieu

    년 전

    Meanwhile, the History Channel is promoting a show about UFO. Epic facepalm!

  59. Terrance Roff

    Terrance Roff

    년 전

    It's like Discovery's old "Wings" series. Heavy in data and technical specs. Notably better focus then Discovery channels old show. And your going to make us wait at least a week for part 2 aren't you. Uh hum..yep, ya bums..

  60. MrRedRye


    년 전

    The version of the F6c shown in the video does not have a P&W wasp as this was a radial engine. Only one prototype was made with the wasp afaik and it would look quite different

    • King Mobius

      King Mobius

      년 전

      I've been to the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola and yes the F6c does have the Pratt & Whitney wasp engine it just doesn't look like it because it was sitting at the bottom of the ocean for more than 40 years

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