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  1. AE Top Musics

    AE Top Musics

    개월 전

    #GetWellSoonWendy UPDATE TOP3 1-Psycho 2-Bad Boy 3-PeekABoo VOTE FOR THE BEST and WORST Red Velvet ERA!!! LINK: forms.gle/r5VJRiKVRTm1vQQk7 --------- Support me for more videos: PATREON: www.patreon.com/aetopmusics -------------- (FOLLOW ME IN:) -FACEBOOK : facebook.com/AETopMusics/ -INSTAGRAM - instagram.com/josenoe_ae/ -TWITTER - twitter.com/aeJoseNoe1

    • Navi Yesiv

      Navi Yesiv

      2 일 전

      Hello there, can I have a list of all the songs? Since it is a bit hard to skip the video to see the songs. THanks!

    • Reveluv Luvie

      Reveluv Luvie

      18 일 전

      Stream Red Velvets Psycho tenkyu

    • ink sans girl gameplay

      ink sans girl gameplay

      개월 전


    • shh1n33 rEn

      shh1n33 rEn

      개월 전

      Top 3 exactly my thoughts!

    • Miaoliao


      개월 전

      10:32 ummm an extra o

  2. Jaye Sevz

    Jaye Sevz

    2 시간 전

    1 bad boy 2 peek a boo 3 psycho They need to bring out another girl crush/sexy/dangerous concept because it suits them so much ❤️

  3. Amy Huynh

    Amy Huynh

    4 시간 전

    Top 5 (promotional) 1. BAD BOY 2. Psycho 3. One of These Nights 4. Be Natural 5. Russian Roulette

  4. Itz Me A.D.

    Itz Me A.D.

    9 시간 전

    My top 5 1st One of these nights 2nd Psycho 3rd really bad boy 4th Ice cream cake 5th peek-a-boo Followed by Automatic Dumb Dumb Power up Rookie

  5. Tay Chia Cze

    Tay Chia Cze

    11 시간 전

    My personal opinion 1.peek a boo 2. Bad boy 3. One of these nights 4. Psycho 5. Russian Roulette

  6. KenSmith0311


    11 시간 전

    (My personal opinion) 17 -> #Cookie Jar 16 -> Sappy 15 -> Happiness 14 -> Red Flavour 13 -> Ice Cream Cake 12 -> Power Up 11 -> Rookie 10 -> Umpah Umpah 9 -> One of These Nights 8 -> Automatic 7 -> Zimzalabim 6 -> Bad Boy 5 -> Be Natural 4 -> Peekaboo 3-> Russian Roulette 2 -> Psycho 1 -> Really Bad Boy

  7. KenSmith0311


    11 시간 전

    RBB is their best ERA dont @ me

  8. AliceDJ101


    15 시간 전

    1) Psycho 2) Bad Boy 3) Russian Roulette 4) Peek-a-Boo 5) I Just

  9. !!!!!!?????


    23 시간 전

    im suing whoever put happiness as their worst era i---

  10. Chacha Gura

    Chacha Gura

    일 전

    I am not a fan of them, but i love their songs very much..None of their songs is mi fave, But all of their songs are very iconic..

  11. Leirah Jiao

    Leirah Jiao

    일 전

    my top 5 fave red velvet eras: 1. psycho 2. bad boy 3. red flavor 4. peek a boo 5. power up

  12. Kharisma Alawiyah

    Kharisma Alawiyah

    일 전

    My top 5 : 1. Psycho 2. Bad boy 3. Peek a boo 4. Russian roulette 5. One of these night Rbb, rookie, power up, zimzalabim, i love it too, i'm confused about that list 😭

  13. jeonky.


    일 전

    “The 3th” 😭😭😭 I saw a meme on that and I can’t believe someone used it fr..it’s so funny

  14. Mia Gonzalez

    Mia Gonzalez

    일 전

    automatic song of the decade

  15. Maud BS

    Maud BS

    일 전

    Im not okay with this list! Zimzalabim... Really?

  16. Milena Coronel

    Milena Coronel

    일 전

    me siento ofendida,cómo pudieron poner cookie jar como una de las peores eras?😔✊ahre

    • AE Top Musics

      AE Top Musics

      4 분 전

      Yo tambien con mi Be Natural >:c

  17. Ane Shen

    Ane Shen

    일 전

    There's no any worst era of Red Velvet, there's only the best era

  18. Riether Parico

    Riether Parico

    일 전

    Automatic deserves better! Everything was perfect. The song is classic.

  19. Julianne Ferranco

    Julianne Ferranco

    2 일 전

    My top 5 BEST RED VELVET ERAS: 1. Psycho (THEIR GODDAMN VISUALSSSS AND IRENE’S RAP) 2. Bad boy (I LISTENED TO DIS SONG NONSTOP) 3. Russian Roulette (This song was good and the music video was unique) 4. Peek a boo (i love this songg) 5. Red flavor (this song is iconic)

  20. Wilavy Frangky

    Wilavy Frangky

    2 일 전

    Idk why i never love power up tho... i like it but it’s not my cup of tea

  21. Wilavy Frangky

    Wilavy Frangky

    2 일 전

    My top five (based only their title song): 1. Psycho 2. Rookie 3. Peek a boo 4. Dumb dumb 5. Cookie jar I have weird taste.. yeah

  22. Wilavy Frangky

    Wilavy Frangky

    2 일 전

    Rookie is one of my favorite track of red velvet discographies. But what i hate about the era is, their clothes were baaddd, and joy looked sad most of the time.. And cookie jar is my jaaamm!! I guess i just love red side of RV more than the velvet side

  23. Albert Einstein

    Albert Einstein

    2 일 전

    When I saw Rookie as nr. 17 my heart dropped. It's my favorite era, you have to have the finest of tastes to understand the masterpiece that is rookie, truly.

  24. Giovana


    2 일 전

    Por favor has un vídeo así de EXO

  25. Kookies&Cream


    2 일 전

    Umpah umpah and psycho are my babes

  26. Brainy Monkey

    Brainy Monkey

    2 일 전

    Every mv is lit!!!

  27. Brainy Monkey

    Brainy Monkey

    2 일 전

    Psychoooo and Bad Boy 😊

  28. Maknae Psycho

    Maknae Psycho

    2 일 전

    They always serve bop after bop. Best idol group alive behaviour.

  29. Maknae Psycho

    Maknae Psycho

    2 일 전

    This is among Red Velvet song. If kpop as whole all RV song is no.1

  30. Trisha Graciela Garcia

    Trisha Graciela Garcia

    3 일 전

    I'm trying to make my own top fav list but it is so hard to pick because every song has its own color and beauty.

  31. ― ʟᴇᴜ ☽

    ― ʟᴇᴜ ☽

    3 일 전

    My top 5: •Peek-A-Boo •Psycho •Zimzalabim •Red Flavor •Ice Cream Vale Don't fight me because this is my opinion😔.

  32. bellona


    3 일 전

    1.Psy cho 2.Red flavor 3.Peeka boo

  33. Slytherin Varisi

    Slytherin Varisi

    3 일 전

    dumb dumb was the BEST ERA. fight me.

  34. Snowball The Rabbit

    Snowball The Rabbit

    3 일 전

    My least to favorite 18 All 17 of 16 red 15 velvets 14 eras 13 are 12 super 11 duper 10 amazing 9 most 8 reveluvs 7 would 6 agree 5 with 4 me 3 right? 2 idk 1 Psycho

  35. Jigyasa Sajnani

    Jigyasa Sajnani

    4 일 전

    One of these nights

  36. isabella


    4 일 전

    1. psycho (the best kpop song) 2. red flavor (got me into rv) 3. zimzalabim (UNUQUE) 4. bad boy (irene) 5. peek-a-boo (mv!!)

  37. Pride And *joy*

    Pride And *joy*

    4 일 전

    My top 5 (sorry I really like velvet songs) 5. Zimzalabim 4. Dumb dumb 3. Psycho 2. Peek-a-boo 1. Russian roulette and bad boy (I love both of these songs to much I just think they are equal❣️😩)

  38. uh itskae

    uh itskae

    4 일 전

    wtf be natural SLAPPED

  39. peachyyvelvet


    4 일 전

    For me it’s gonna be 1. Automatic 2. Be natural 3. Psycho 4. One of these nights 5. Peek a boo

  40. Thunwarat


    5 일 전

    1 Power up

  41. rani


    5 일 전

    Wow i'm getting goosebumps!

  42. Elizabeth Ko

    Elizabeth Ko

    5 일 전

    Zimzalabim is #1 for all the cult memes it inspired

  43. NCT DREAM deserves to be a fixed unit

    NCT DREAM deserves to be a fixed unit

    5 일 전

    I'm ready to sue everyone that vote psycho, badboy, red flavor, and power up as the worst era... that 4 songs are literally their best song from each side

  44. NCT DREAM deserves to be a fixed unit

    NCT DREAM deserves to be a fixed unit

    5 일 전

    I thought the 1st was Psycho tho😲😲 But then i agree with this ranks; no song will able beat Bad Boy's "u-uh, uwew uwew" that sh*t iconic and fine asf

  45. fobpatdrkcgp


    5 일 전

    Who tf is out here voting automatic and be natural as worst eras lmao????

  46. By Pasha Channel

    By Pasha Channel

    6 일 전

    Phsycho is my fav RV song❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. Kims sun

    Kims sun

    6 일 전

    The Top 3 is literally my fav song of all red velvet!! :0

  48. Silvia Rondinelli

    Silvia Rondinelli

    6 일 전

    PLSSSSS can Someone tell me the name of the very first song (0.00 -0.09 min) that you hear in this video???? And Why is not in the liiiist????? 😭

  49. Nicolas Rodriguez

    Nicolas Rodriguez

    7 일 전

    Yas 😍😍

  50. KencesKentang 80814

    KencesKentang 80814

    8 일 전

    I love RV vocal!!!

  51. RiseCha reyes

    RiseCha reyes

    8 일 전

    I think rv slay in every era 🙄

  52. ty track

    ty track

    8 일 전

    My top 5: 1. Bad Boy 2. Psycho 3. PeekABoo 4. Ice Cream Cake 5. One of These Nights

  53. Hayan Nabi

    Hayan Nabi

    8 일 전

    Mine is #1 psycho #2 peekaboo and bad boy (can’t choose) #3 automatic #4 one of these nights #5 dumb dumb

  54. just someone

    just someone

    8 일 전

    Russian Roulette will always be the best one,no cap🚫🧢

  55. Merve Önder

    Merve Önder

    9 일 전

    Be natural best era😍😍

  56. Frances Guzman

    Frances Guzman

    9 일 전

    Automcatic and One of these nights arE GOD TIER AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE MY MIND

  57. Trifena anisa t.

    Trifena anisa t.

    9 일 전

    Menurut gw sih ngk ada yenag namany terbaik terburuk soalx red velved emang memiiliki konsep yang berbeda dari yg lain

  58. Ayuni Permata Sari

    Ayuni Permata Sari

    9 일 전

    My top 5 rv eras are : 1. Bad Boy 2. Red Flavor 3. Psycho 4. Russian Roulette 5. Ice cream cake

  59. Ikaa sayang

    Ikaa sayang

    10 일 전

    my opinion is psycho of courseeeee:))), then badboy. tbh i dont like zimzalabim :')

  60. ubi ungu

    ubi ungu

    10 일 전

    who the hell even voted "worst era" for those 3 masterpieces >:((

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