Is the media abusing BTS? (JTBC, Pengsu)

JTBC says BTS is in a dispute with BigHit, which turns out to be false.
Is Pengsu bigger than BTS?
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    개월 전

    Who won the debate at the end? Team David Or Team Danny?

    • Silja T

      Silja T

      18 일 전

      danny ftw

    • Wema Mumma

      Wema Mumma

      22 일 전

      Danny. Everyone needs to relax. It's just a penguin lol

    • Bangtan Sonyeondan

      Bangtan Sonyeondan

      27 일 전


    • Brenda


      개월 전

      Team David

    • curiouse


      개월 전

      oc David. Danny lost his common sense 😊

  2. Jung TonTon

    Jung TonTon

    10 일 전

    I watched the video and i agree with the both of you

  3. Paula


    13 일 전

    “I don’t have time to be salty” a whole mood for this year

  4. Paula


    13 일 전

    Serve them as Kings 😂😂 couldn’t get more accurate

  5. Yesenia / Giselle Perez

    Yesenia / Giselle Perez

    20 일 전

    pengsu looks like my sleep paralysis demon 💀

  6. Hania UwU

    Hania UwU

    20 일 전

    This pengsu is creepy idk why people like it

  7. Josephine Tawk

    Josephine Tawk

    21 일 전

    The funniest is that in 2020 at the GDA, Pengsu did meet BTS!!! LOL!!!

  8. Wema Mumma

    Wema Mumma

    22 일 전

    Danny Kim: The voice of reason

  9. moonchild


    23 일 전

    I came back to this channel and now is a guy vs a hater (?) i get lost at some point

  10. Teresa Jenkins

    Teresa Jenkins

    25 일 전

    Ok not sure about in Korea...but BTS exhaustion could be true in the "world"...

  11. Scooby Scubers

    Scooby Scubers

    26 일 전

    Tbh Pengsus is creepy asf. If I saw him as a child, I would have nightmares about him.

  12. Lizankpih Bin

    Lizankpih Bin

    개월 전

    And i just got a pengsu ad in this video😂

  13. marchof empires

    marchof empires

    개월 전

    Disgusting... hahahahaha...

  14. blaiddgwael


    개월 전

    오른쪽에 계신 분 아는 척 쩌시네 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  15. Paula Palhão

    Paula Palhão

    개월 전

    Só queria legendas em pt💔😭

  16. December Carlisle

    December Carlisle

    개월 전

    Pengsu IS grotesque. And I disagree that journalists should always follow laws. They should have morals and journalistic ethics that prevent them from making things up for views or ratings, but if they broke in and found out BTS really was in dispute with BigHit or had been getting an unfair share of their massive profits, we would all be glad they exposed it.

  17. Chase Barber

    Chase Barber

    개월 전

    My good friend is South Korean, and she loves Pengsu so much but I think he's creepy af. I tried drawing eyebrows on him and it just got worse 😭

  18. YiJun Liu

    YiJun Liu

    개월 전

    For me, even if BT21>>>>>>>>>Pengsu Hahahahaha

  19. C Pera

    C Pera

    개월 전

    So long story short in regard to BTS and Pengsu news /journalists used BTS as Click Bait lol

  20. Bighit's13Dorks


    개월 전

    Am I the only one seeing that penguin like is is scary af? 😳

  21. Joy Kinoti

    Joy Kinoti

    개월 전

    yes David! speaking facts

  22. Isabella1680


    개월 전

    I don't think it's an honor to be use like that. to me it feels like all of them see them as some kind of new toy, not really knowing what to make out of them, but surely do know it'll make them money,

  23. Isabella1680


    개월 전

    this video's title should have been "an Army's rant - we are done, we've had enough" >.

  24. toanzhou


    개월 전

    I agree with Danny. The last debate was about something other than abuse of BTS, it was about the integrity of reporting

  25. Roberta Williams-Beverly

    Roberta Williams-Beverly

    개월 전

    I LOVE BTS so much and I'm a westerner...BTS obviously likes western artist David... no one's putting a gun to BTS's head and making them do songs with western artist..obviously BTS wants to venture out and do something different....collaborate with other artist that are NOT Korean...so be fucking sick about it if you want to...BTS has a right to collaborate with who they want to...how do YOU know they are being use by western artist?..YOU DON'T

  26. mQchi_thetic


    개월 전

    Now that BTS is is being recognized more and more each day, The K media will try to bring them down maybe out of jealousy or for money. It’s sad but it’s the truth.

  27. Speaking The Truth

    Speaking The Truth

    개월 전

    Karma coming for ARMY and their idol. Its your faith dude. GOOD LUCK ARMY !

  28. Zeng Wen

    Zeng Wen

    개월 전

    Honestly I have a hard time believing that they had an unresolved dispute from October last year since if that were the case I believe they would have left bighit

  29. rip my social life

    rip my social life

    개월 전

    The Pengsu thing is not abuse by any means, it's just kinda strange. I don't know anything about Pengsu but based on this video it seems like a Korea specific phenomenon that likely won't become popular at least among western culture simply because it won't be relatable. I have no problem with it but I just don't understand the comparison, it's like comparing a chef to a dancer, there simply isn't a connection ya know??? Can't multiple things just be popular at the same time? I'm confused

  30. Zooeeeyy


    개월 전

    we really comparing 7 beautiful humans to a “10 year old” giant penguin now 💀

  31. MMMooseum


    개월 전

    Please don't be offended by what SCMP puts out; unfortunately it has gone downhill over the past years and there are tons of opinionated articles that have misleading and sensational titles

  32. Monica Lopez

    Monica Lopez

    개월 전

    The big reason for the backslash on it was probably because BTS is big in a lot of stuff important and music unlike this character who is not in the same line of stuff or music type. When I hard of it I was angry but I do wish they would use them in a getting there name more out in the world then just for the likes

  33. Karen M.

    Karen M.

    개월 전

    I don't think it will become global, I don't see the appeal

  34. Mali _23

    Mali _23

    개월 전

    Danny please go home. 🙄

  35. on my kpop boys payroll

    on my kpop boys payroll

    개월 전

    Pengsu's eyes are kinda scary

  36. Jonna Mesa

    Jonna Mesa

    개월 전

    oh shut up danny youre not the one to talk 🤘🏼

  37. Wyam Tess

    Wyam Tess

    개월 전

    Does the Korean media talk about Blinks protest against YG in December 16th and them trending 5 minutes ago on twitter #BLINKSDEMANDBLACKPINK. ?? Once I saw it I just came here to see if you treated this info. Can't wait for your next video !! Thanks Danny & David

  38. Kim Seohyeon

    Kim Seohyeon

    개월 전

    Kmedias are constantly trying to bring down kpop idols just for the fame and more money out of it...Kpop idols are one of the main reasons why Korea’s economy is booming in the first place so they should just be grateful and take videos of kpop idols achieving things in life😤🤦‍♀️💜dragging others down just means your one of the worst human beings, especially if that person hasn’t done anything to you or you don’t know them🥺😞

    • Canon D

      Canon D

      개월 전

      Nah, Korean economy is booming because of Samsung, Hyundai, Daewoo, LG etc.

  39. Peter Johnson

    Peter Johnson

    개월 전

    Pengsu is the type of Asian comedy I don't get. It really looks grotesque and the humor is in the whole age thing in Korean culture which I think even other Asian cultures don't really get. At least it trolls some of the ARMYs.

  40. Kpop0223


    개월 전

    I heard "I'm Daddy Kim" instead of Danny Kim lol. I clutched my pearls.

  41. Nyanko


    개월 전

    I'm on edge with 'recognisability' part because wbk Korean media has always tried to downplay BTS's success particularly in recent happenings. So any _recognisable_ part about BTS's name can be used obviously against their image which where I'd draw the line to whether they're using their name for clicks and views their name for clout without knowing the consequence it can bring to their public image.

  42. Nyanko


    개월 전

    That pingsu article was just to get clicks. Legit Danny even said if he was the journalist he'd be happy if it got hate comments or whatever because it got attention and literally that's what the purpose of using BTS's name is for. It's to leverage that visibility no matter the consequence when their name isn't properly used for equal debate. And you could argue *_that's just how the media is_* well then where does that line get drawn?

  43. Nyanko


    개월 전

    They can say Aliee is Korea's Beyonce but can they say Aliee is bigger and better than Beyonce? yes or not they're at least both SINGERS as David stated and the comparison is worthy of comparing because they based on the cultural impact and musicality that makes them both worthy of analogy. But is it too much of a stretch? That's the same thing with how BTS's name is currently used by the media. Are the Korean media using that 'stretch' because of desperation of clicks and views or some journalist actually put in the work to factually provide sufficient evidence about two EQUAL PARTIES for whatever the matter is objectively.

  44. Jenny's Journey

    Jenny's Journey

    개월 전

    You had me 💀 at 7:13 wtf...😂😂😂 cheers!!🇺🇸💞🇰🇷

  45. Isa BG

    Isa BG

    개월 전

    “Serve them as kings” love that 🤣🤣

  46. typical _taź

    typical _taź

    개월 전

    Bts watching this 🤔 we’re being compared to a penguin, I’ma watch pengsu now”😂😂

  47. Juliana Lombana

    Juliana Lombana

    개월 전

    plssss add timestamps

  48. Flor Gu

    Flor Gu

    개월 전

    Honestly, I'm just too tired of media using BTS' name every fcking time for clout without even a single fact researched about them. The fact that they just put BTS' name in every single issue even if it has nothing to do with BTS just infuriates me. Journalism? I rarely find journalists nowadays who have the integrity to get to know the subject they are writing about, to do research, to proofread, and to check the facts before publishing their articles. Copy-paste articles are not journalism. It's NOT how journalists SHOULD work. I understand that they have to search the internet for popular topics, but at least make it your own and do some fcking research! If they have the time to copy-paste some articles on the internet, at least have some time to research if the things written on it are right!

  49. Amethyst Aragon

    Amethyst Aragon

    개월 전


  50. Rachel Lim

    Rachel Lim

    개월 전

    Honestly i don’t get the pengsu hype too. I consume a lot of korean media content and understand most of their humour but pengsu is just weird...

  51. chillgirld


    개월 전

    I don't agree with the guy in the glasses I get that this penguin is your hero and you loved him but you can't compare a penguin who's only popular in Korea to bts who's popular worldwide the other guy was right compare bts to the right artists not a penguin from south Korea

  52. Snehaja Sawant

    Snehaja Sawant

    개월 전

    So boring

  53. Sandrichaa _

    Sandrichaa _

    개월 전

    When Danny said ''this is delulu logic'' to David's rant about kmedia's exagerated news about BTS... Me: EYE- Danny put some respect on David's opinions lol

  54. hialyssah


    개월 전

    hahahahaha i totally get and unverstand David's points but i have to agree with Danny on this one. but still - danny's examples of using cultural equivalents kinda made more sense for David's arguments because why compare Pengsu with BTS when one is a group of (beautiful) humans and the other is... a mascot like THERE ARE SO MANY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS OUT THERE THOUGH?! but whatever, i can understand the article's author wants to use that one popularity survey to highlight Pengsu's popularity. =/

  55. MsHackworth


    개월 전

    David is pisssssssssssssssssedddddddddddd btw, Team David obvi

  56. kei


    개월 전

    Not trying to be offensive but pengsu looks like one of those mascots in disturbing videos from dark web

  57. faceless code

    faceless code

    개월 전

    I thought danny was quitting????

  58. Minkey Talk

    Minkey Talk

    개월 전

    Danny did you act in a KDrama called “Angry Mom “ in 2015? If it isn’t you, you have a twin brother. If it was ,you should really do more acting.

  59. Nova Sweet

    Nova Sweet

    개월 전

    The article about Pengsu and BTS is “abusing” how popular BTS is to get any kind of attention, rather then actually being rude and dishonest like the first article. It’s annoying but not that bad. This is the first time I’ve heard of Pengsu. I must be living under a rock or something. Maybe Pengsu will get to meet BTS now. That would be fun.

  60. jw l

    jw l

    개월 전

    Jtbc는 이해하지만 여기 댓글 외국인들이 pengsoo 욕하는건 짜증난다. 잘 알지도 못하면서. 그리고 한국언론이 저러는거지 무슨 저걸 한국인전체로 확대시켜서 마치 한국인들이 방탄한테 나쁘게 대하는것처럼 써놨네 현실은 전혀 아닌데. 좋아하는사람,자랑스러워하는 사람이 훨씬 많은데.

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