Korean Conflict explained (explainity® explainer video)

Korean Conflict easily explained (explainity® explainer video)
North and South Korea are two Asian states that belonged together until 1948, but split after World War II. Since then, there has been a tension between the two countries, which still causes conflicts today. Political attitudes are split too and people also suffer in these circumstances. What exactly behind that is did we reveal in our explainity education clip "Korean Conflict easily explained".
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  1. 고래를노래


    3 개월 전

    your video has lots of wrong information. Korea has not been ruled by China nor Mongolia...Korea has been maintaining their own government ...this is just simple information that you can get from reading history book...I think you are not qualified to upload history lectures..

  2. Red Panda

    Red Panda

    년 전

    yeah this video is trash.

  3. Ah Hyun Sim

    Ah Hyun Sim

    년 전

    Korea was not ruled by Mongolia and China. they invaded and won, but we had our own government and royalty. Korea was always independent before Japanese invasion. p.s. Haru and Benjiro are Japanese names, not Korean names.

    • Deleted


      년 전

      I was gonna say the same. Korea was always independent until the Japanese invasion. He might be affected by ‘China’s Northeast Project’. It is an attempt on history distortions by Chinese government.

  4. Sir Meow The Library Cat

    Sir Meow The Library Cat

    2 년 전

    😟 Unfortunately, where a closed society has been subjected to unrelenting ideological indoctrination for as long as North Korea there is little that can be done by the outside world. Reflect upon the history of Japan as a similar society until the 1850s when it took the arrival of Commodore Perry and a small US naval squadron to break down Japanese isolationism. Unless the Chinese government takes a similar approach to North Korea nothing is going to change.

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