These are the 20 Aircraft Carriers in Service Today

These are the 20 aircraft carriers in service today
Former Defense Secretary William Cohen was fond of saying that without "flattops" the US has "less of a voice, less of an influence." Evidently, many of the worlds nations also believe this is true.
The last few years have seen a number of interesting developments for aircraft carriers. Some nations, like India and Spain retired aircraft carriers, while China commissioned its first aircraft carrier, and the UK returned to the rather exclusive carrier owners club.
The US commissioned its newest aircraft carrier in 2017 - the USS Gerald R. Ford - the first in the Ford-class. Business Insider got a chance to tour the Ford last year.
In all, 20 aircraft carriers can carry and launch fixed-wing aircraft are currently in service around the world.
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  1. Jae Jaelani

    Jae Jaelani

    6 일 전

    I like Amerika 💖

  2. Bimo NeW

    Bimo NeW

    15 일 전

    Project habakuk?

  3. Cal Crappie

    Cal Crappie

    20 일 전

    The USS Georgy H Bush? Hmmm. Like hey there Georgy girl?

  4. Lone Rider

    Lone Rider

    20 일 전

    Im indonesian, im happy see world police still strong, i hate china steal our fish in indonesian ZEE natuna and other asian small country, hope Uncel Sam can make this problem solve, long life USA

  5. Chris Carr

    Chris Carr

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  6. Bennett Stephenson

    Bennett Stephenson

    개월 전

    why government don't spend more money on poverty in their Damn country? than building weapons of Destruction to destroy the world! they are so Damn crazy.

    • Davout


      21 일 전

      most of the carriers here are old. For example most of the US carriers are made before 2000s and some even in the mid 1970s

  7. Vivek Singh

    Vivek Singh

    개월 전

    Worst robotic voice I have ever heard

  8. Jim Oldach -DHS- Frederick County

    Jim Oldach -DHS- Frederick County

    개월 전

    get a new narrator

    • US Military System

      US Military System

      개월 전

      Thank you for your attention We have improved in our latest video

  9. Howard Johnson

    Howard Johnson

    개월 전

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  10. Carl Hursh

    Carl Hursh

    개월 전

    Does the Norfolk Naval Base photo remind you of a similar US Ship line up, hmm? Does 12/7/1941 ring a bell!

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    野良犬撮影隊 二大隊四中隊一区隊8番認識番号278331

    개월 전

    very nice video!

  12. Michele Esquilin

    Michele Esquilin

    개월 전

    For nations to know what is really going on read agenda 21 book, and the new law order that President, and Obama, bush,Clinton and all mafia planned to do to the world

  13. Michele Esquilin

    Michele Esquilin

    개월 전

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  14. T B

    T B

    2 개월 전

    Look how safe we are with these slow moving targets, China is to slow to keep up. What the fuck bullshit are you trying to push here with this crap? Your deliberate border contact will lead to a war. Prodding to hard will lead to communists societies world wide within 10yrs. It’s probably for the best, being over exploited by the few really rich people has worn me out. Being a slave in current society is far worse then those poor people in China experience

  15. jorge montemayor

    jorge montemayor

    2 개월 전

    I don’t understand the channels that do the robotic voice why don’t u just use your real voice I understand if you are mute but come on there’s no way your voice can be that bad that you are afraid to use it

  16. Wayne A

    Wayne A

    2 개월 전

    Chinese propaganda

  17. DeadShot


    2 개월 전

    Indians is concerned about their sailors not having money on the carrier that they put an ATM machine on it.. in 3 years time they will be asked to pay for their meals.. hahaha

  18. Jay


    2 개월 전

    Worse comments and voice ever heard, cant watch it till the end so thumbs down

  19. Michael Edwards

    Michael Edwards

    2 개월 전

    We need Flat Tops that can handle C5's aircraft.

  20. Arthur Humphreys

    Arthur Humphreys

    2 개월 전

    If women were on my A.C. I would require them to have a military haircut, preferably a flat top.

  21. doug harrison

    doug harrison

    2 개월 전

    So apparently the two aircraft carriers in possesion of the Royal Australian Navey are just figments of my imagination.



    2 개월 전

    Where is HMAS Canberra or HMAS Adelaide

  23. Paul Mayo

    Paul Mayo

    2 개월 전

    Hate robo commentary.

  24. Larry Carter

    Larry Carter

    2 개월 전

    I would add that the context of these wonderful videos are "upstaged" by the poor narration! Stating that a particular aircraft carrier is the "..lead carrier in its class.." which is being pronounced as 'lead"(the soft metal) as opposed to "lead" (the premier). SAD.

  25. Sherif


    2 개월 전

    that music is horrible cannot hear almost nothing in some parts

  26. Tehui


    2 개월 전

    I didn't know Optimus Prime did commentary gigs.

  27. oshtoolman


    2 개월 전

    would have been nice to watch, but I hate the robo voice so much that I turned it off after 45 seconds

  28. ckom0007


    2 개월 전

    Couldn’t watch this vid because of the voice. When will creators learn?

  29. Paul Suprono

    Paul Suprono

    2 개월 전

    This site requires updating !

  30. Art Skilzzz

    Art Skilzzz

    3 개월 전

    Carri errrrrr

  31. Garfield Farkle

    Garfield Farkle

    3 개월 전

    The Russian carrier has to be the number one "joke carrier." First, they are afraid to send it across the oceans, preferring to hug the coast because it breaks down so often and also tends to catch fire. Which is why the Russian carrier battle group includes a tugboat for the carrier. The planes can launch - - - but not with bombs. They have to fly to a land base to get bombs loaded aboard. Then they proceed on their missions. Facts. lol

  32. doncarlo5


    3 개월 전

    it is curious : basically all of US a/c are named after US president, coincidentally all of which are free masons ...

  33. Mike Hunt

    Mike Hunt

    3 개월 전

    USS Carriers have almost all been battle tested.

  34. KPDubbs71


    3 개월 전

    Is it really that hard to find a real human to read some pages? This is simply unbearable to listen to.

  35. Bill Conserva

    Bill Conserva

    3 개월 전

    typical OF you tube VIDEOS, MUSICS IS TOO LOUD!

  36. Fixedwing Airframer

    Fixedwing Airframer

    3 개월 전

    Serviced on 4 my 20 years in

  37. cnetbuild


    3 개월 전

    What about all of the US Amphibious Assault Ships? Some of those are larger carriers than the ones mentioned in this video.

  38. Shon Seibert

    Shon Seibert

    3 개월 전

    What about Iraq's carrier they're building, the IIN Barack Obama........😂

  39. Gina Noel

    Gina Noel

    3 개월 전

    stop china now,,, boycott anything made in china

  40. Michael Russo

    Michael Russo

    3 개월 전

    Waste of time

  41. Roxy Raccoon

    Roxy Raccoon

    3 개월 전

    I am grateful to be informed but am otherwise unhappy about increased militarism. Truth in Advertising would mean we'd have to rename our Military "Defense".

  42. Tall Walls

    Tall Walls

    3 개월 전

    when did Stephan Hawking start narrating Boob tube vids?

  43. Kieu Nguyen

    Kieu Nguyen

    3 개월 전

    Wooooo .usa number 1.

  44. james hotz

    james hotz

    3 개월 전

    When is one going to droop a bomb on Iran?

    • Shon Seibert

      Shon Seibert

      3 개월 전

      Soon my friend sooooonnnnn

  45. Emanuel Brown

    Emanuel Brown

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  46. Aatma Parmatma

    Aatma Parmatma

    4 개월 전

    Strongest military American military

  47. bob johnson

    bob johnson

    4 개월 전

    oh my good just send $100 and hire a frickin narrator.

  48. Johnny Scott

    Johnny Scott

    4 개월 전

    Just drama thank you media

  49. Chris Reynolds

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  50. Peter O Leary

    Peter O Leary

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    The music is too loud.

  51. Andrea Blackthorne

    Andrea Blackthorne

    4 개월 전

    Robot sounds like he's having a stroke trying to pronounce the name of India's carrier.



    4 개월 전

    And India have only one INS vikramaditya😭 and one in construction it will be a nuclear powered but it will take so much time



    4 개월 전

    Its ruining Asian names !!



    4 개월 전

    sao paulo = desarmed !!!



    4 개월 전

    People's Liberation Army, how ironic this name is.



    4 개월 전

    this robot pronounces carrier like loise from family guy



    5 개월 전

    stupid music. useless video

  58. Carson Matthews

    Carson Matthews

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    Another fuckn weird robot channel

  59. johnny john john

    johnny john john

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    omg that voice is hurting my head. i ban myself from any of your posts. .

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    Music too loud.

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