How to add Closed Captions to your YouTube Videos Quickly and for Free

How to add Closed Captions to your KOplayers Videos Quickly and for Free. This video shows you how to create subtitles for KOplayers Videos.
The auto caption created by KOplayers is used as the basis for revision - saving you having to type every word.
The DIY captions site provides this service for free.
This allows you to add subtitles on youtube without paying for somebody to watch and add closed captions from a script and therefore the whole process is speeded up and is totally free!

It is important that you create subtitles for KOplayers to maximise your audience. Your video becomes inclusive of the hard of hearing but also it deals with the challenges of regional accents.
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  1. Colin McIntyre

    Colin McIntyre

    10 개월 전

    I have found today that is up and running - the last couple of times I had tried it wasn't working.😃 That is great news - without it I was struggling! Glad to have you back guys!

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