Wire Cutters | Sploid Short Film Festival · Official Selection

A chance encounter proves fateful for 2 robots mining on a desolate planet.
Directed by Jack Anderson.
Selected for the Sploid Short Film Festival, a celebration of the coolest short films and the filmmakers that make them. Learn more details and submit your short here: sploid.gizmodo.com/submit-your-short-film-to-the-sploid-short-film-festiva-1723314068


  1. Molly Taylor

    Molly Taylor

    3 개월 전

    But- but- but it seemed so cute at first!! 😭

  2. nobody Uknow

    nobody Uknow

    6 개월 전

    Reflection of human nature, I guess. Greed leads to destruction.

  3. Moravian Armory

    Moravian Armory

    7 개월 전

    Very dark twist. Did you submit it anywhere?

  4. poopy loopy

    poopy loopy

    8 개월 전

    very cool! good job! can't wait for the next one Jack!

  5. GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller

    GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller

    9 개월 전

    There should be a full-length film based on this.

  6. Roadbreach


    9 개월 전

    I feel like it plays into the theme of greed. Both of them want their share of the emeralds (I assume that's what the gems are), and then they get to a point where they can't decide who should get the last one out of an odd number of the goods. And in the end, they needed to compromise because they ended up dooming each other.

  7. Marvo


    11 개월 전

    To be honest they are both idiots

  8. itsixvy


    11 개월 전

    I’m crying in bed watching this my hopes are that he still is alive I’m so sad and I’m sad about the big robot too oh my I’m crying

  9. ZanahoriaBaila


    년 전

    Well, damn, that was a downer after the good spot

  10. DoomSmash


    년 전


  11. Miarae Parson

    Miarae Parson

    년 전

    Greed really is a deadly sin...

  12. Oceaniic


    년 전

    Karma is a bitch.

  13. Kristoffer Klemetsbraten

    Kristoffer Klemetsbraten

    년 전

    The ending was very sad

  14. Scott Summers

    Scott Summers

    년 전

    Don't get greedy

  15. John Malevolent

    John Malevolent

    년 전

    moral: always carry your universal adapter

  16. stylez


    년 전

    Incredible animation - such a neat concept

  17. Anony Mouse

    Anony Mouse

    년 전

    cant the robot just hold onto the extra until another extra comes up?

    • Dark quartz

      Dark quartz

      6 개월 전

      He’s doing what he is programmed to do and wouldn’t know that’s what he should do. His on priority is to collect the gems. That’s why I think

    • Unlikely Bread54

      Unlikely Bread54

      9 개월 전

      You read my mind.

  18. PK Saenz

    PK Saenz

    년 전

    Robots with the Human ability to work together in order to get more. Then the emotions of greed, deception, and destruction.

  19. Fen Fighter

    Fen Fighter

    년 전

    This is awesome but whenever i watch it i feel really sad

  20. SadKennyBoy


    년 전

    This was my first 6th grade video I ever saw

  21. Kevin Prager

    Kevin Prager

    년 전

    great movie i do love the idea shown out the way you did it with robots.

  22. GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller

    GAMP: Sicker than your average kigger nilller

    년 전

    9 was once a short college film, and it turned into an underrated movie. Someone should turn this into an actual movie about 2 factions on a souped up Earth fighting over these green crystals, part of a new set of radioactive compounds that are practically unlimited energy. One faction is about precision and safety, while the other is about brute force and quick work. There's also one other faction that the others look down on, who's more about molecular conversion, and since the idea seems laughable, the leader is put down and ignored. This is where the main plot occurs, the idea of 2 robots learning how to use each other's advantages builds the film up, with small scenes of the faction leaders working and what not. The part where the precision robot tries to sneak an extra crystal in cuts to the precision faction secretly stealing a contract, leading to economic brawling, occasionally swapping scenes with the 2 robots fighting. It all climaxes when the 2 robots look at the camera in horror, and it cuts to the 2 faction CEOs looking up to the world-wide leader. They are mortified to learn that it was the CEO of the 3rd faction, that grew gradually larger via cunning and tactical methods that allowed them to slip by. As he's monologuing about his plot, the robots are rolling away from a giganting cloud of nanobots that are basically sweeping the landscape clean, with crystals floating in its mass and dust settling the planet ground. The brute CEO asks something like "WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!?", and the nanobot CEO replies by morphing his skin and limbs to reveal that he used the technology to slip by and be practically immortal. He then turns most of his body into a silver cloud and flies off, letting the CEOs kill each other, and the scene showing the nanobots turning into humanoids and beating the shit out of the robots, representing what basically happened in the last scene.

  23. super froakie forces

    super froakie forces

    년 전

    6:47 if your a plushtuber do this on plushies if your plush is triggered (7:03 vroom)

  24. Trader Lincoln Mitchell

    Trader Lincoln Mitchell

    년 전

    this was good. 4 1/2 stars

  25. Chuck E Cheese Manager

    Chuck E Cheese Manager

    년 전

    For those who didn't understand the ending. So basically the big robot was hanging on to the smaller robot's charging wire. Then it snapped. When little robot went to go charge he saw the snapped wire and went to big robot's charging station and saw that it was nuclear. Giving him more power. But it didn't fit. Leaving him to die out there.

    • Jada & Lexi Gibson

      Jada & Lexi Gibson

      년 전

      Ummm I still don't get it

  26. Henry Steketee

    Henry Steketee

    년 전

    I wish I was this good

  27. Brandon Gadzia

    Brandon Gadzia

    년 전

    Classic karma

  28. Karby TheHat

    Karby TheHat

    년 전

    Really amazing animation this is one of my favorites

  29. Christine Doyle

    Christine Doyle

    년 전

    watching for a story

  30. Christine Doyle

    Christine Doyle

    년 전

    reminds me of walle

  31. Haryana Mix With TECHNOLOGY

    Haryana Mix With TECHNOLOGY

    년 전

    What is movie name

    • Haryana Mix With TECHNOLOGY

      Haryana Mix With TECHNOLOGY

      년 전

      Tell me tell me

  32. Meme Rights Activist Pepe

    Meme Rights Activist Pepe

    년 전

    When you tryna do a resupply mission in gta

  33. Cock Phone

    Cock Phone

    년 전

    all the animated robot shorts are the same

  34. garikmihful


    년 전


  35. jim S

    jim S

    2 년 전

    very good

  36. Big Nimbus

    Big Nimbus

    2 년 전


  37. Firestar1987 A single mother

    Firestar1987 A single mother

    2 년 전

    So cool

  38. ScorpionMassive


    2 년 전

    The big robot's stare looked like the purple eight-legged lizard in Monsters Inc.

    • Chey Pepa

      Chey Pepa

      년 전

      Shadow Massive (Randal) and yeah I was gonna say something but I didn’t think anybody was gonna understand but I agree 😂😂

  39. BeingHuman #dwd

    BeingHuman #dwd

    2 년 전


  40. Bart Simpson

    Bart Simpson

    2 년 전

    I knew something twisted is about to happen !!! These short films rarely have a good endings Edit : especially the HORROR ones



    2 년 전

    Keske kendi deposuna koydugunda dolu diyip geri atsaydi .daha etkileyici olurdu.

  42. coolmax97199


    2 년 전


  43. DelicateFynn


    2 년 전

    Shows where greed gets you...



    2 년 전

    The title seems irrelevant....But nice anamatronics....😬

  45. Uranos 96

    Uranos 96

    2 년 전

    and thats exactly why we need universal plugs everywhere..i mean how shall the best adapted robot ever win, if he cant use the resources from its defeated opponent?

  46. your dads uncles friend

    your dads uncles friend

    2 년 전

    Everyone in the comments section: Amazing! Me: can there please be a part two?

  47. Sunny Tan

    Sunny Tan

    2 년 전

    I watched this for enjoyment and thought it was absolutely amazing until about a month later when my teacher said we are going to write a film review essay, on this short film. *crys*

  48. Shayne O'Neill

    Shayne O'Neill

    2 년 전

    United we stand, divided we fall.

  49. Starzzz Sparklezzz

    Starzzz Sparklezzz

    2 년 전

    That was a dark ending...

  50. Baron Anon

    Baron Anon

    2 년 전


  51. Baron Anon

    Baron Anon

    2 년 전

    Amazin critic on people trying to promote equality at all costs. Wonderful!

  52. Gildobrando


    2 년 전

    He's a copy of Wally :v

  53. MCommandguy


    2 년 전

    This animation is totally amazing, really well done!! I, however, spotted some rendering mistakes. 2:13 the plug doesnt align with the socket 2:16 for one frame one wire of the kite clips through the side. 5:41 the rock doesnt contain green Crystals, even though he does split the Crystals afterwards. 7:19 the kite comes out of the wrong box. 8:02 the power comes from the kite, but the wire still sparks. Its still amazing, but i cant help but spot mistakes in animation.

    • cybern9ne


      년 전

      I spotted another one. A critical who can't do better.

  54. ElDariAT


    2 년 전

    Puta q sad Puta q sid Puta q sed

  55. MJBJ93


    2 년 전


  56. Shannon Muir

    Shannon Muir

    2 년 전

    the big robot creepy af

  57. ExplosiveT-5 Five

    ExplosiveT-5 Five

    2 년 전

    The Unconventional Ending is so Sad yet so Good. But Sadness Overrides it Because I love Robots.

  58. GameMusicHD


    2 년 전

    i dont think they followed the laws of robotics

    • Luke Hartmann

      Luke Hartmann

      2 년 전

      They followed it to a T. In the laws of robotics following orders, which was to collect the rocks comes before self preservation.

  59. todd zy

    todd zy

    2 년 전

    did the little robot live

    • StabbedMultipleTimes


      2 년 전

      Robots aren't beings, they are machines, its an AI, they don't live, they don't die, they break down, or run out of power/battery.

  60. Kaden


    2 년 전

    love it but what happened after?SEQUEL PLEASEEE

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