WW2: Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown CV 5/CV 10

USS Yorktown (CV/CVA/CVS-10) is one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. She is named after the Battle o.

USS Yorktown (CV/CVA/CVS-10) is one of 24 Essex-class aircraft carriers built during World War II for the United States Navy. She is named after the Battle o.

Visit this ship! Help save this World War II battlefield, as it is need of many repairs. Well over a million dollars is needed to paint and repair this ship..

[New history documentary ] Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown CV 5 CV 10 Discovery History War documentary military homecoming surprises 2014 military muscle moti.


  1. RandomMalaysian :P

    RandomMalaysian :P

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    Anyone play Azur Lane?

  2. nudziciemnie


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    Best narrator ever.

  3. Finch Killo

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  4. Finch Killo

    Finch Killo

    5 개월 전

    I went on the cv ten is Charleston.

  5. jerry baker

    jerry baker

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  6. Andrsn Films

    Andrsn Films

    7 개월 전

    Just visited the Yorktown in Charleston . So there was an original Yorktown that got sunk...and then they made another and named it Yorktown again? And that’s the one that still stands today? Trying to understand

  7. Jimmy Andersson

    Jimmy Andersson

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    Great video! 😉👍

  8. abc dentist

    abc dentist

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    اگر امریکا نبود ژاپنی ها و چینی ها مردم دنیا را تبدیل به سوسیس و کالباس کرده و می خوردند زنده با امریکا

  9. It is a Beautiful World

    It is a Beautiful World

    11 개월 전

    Kamikazes are always presented as a huge danger in these propaganda movies yet their net impact was little. I wonder whether the Japanese also sent a message to their HQ ‘ scratch one flattop’ 😆

  10. rmstorms


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    Yorktown delivered coordinated strikes at Coral Sea and Midway. Enterprise got lucky at Midway and Hornet was completely worthless.

  11. Rescuepetsrule


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    These same battles were accredited to Enterprise and her pilots...

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    Go daddy go!

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    Digital voice fuck off

  14. xia en Gao

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    Every sailor feels loyalty to his ship and his shipmates. Even if they are Marines.

    • S billings

      S billings

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      It makes perfect sense too, that metal is all that's keeping your land living ass out of Davy Jones locker!

  15. juggalo1


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    Superior American repair and damage control were probably the reason the US won Midway. Nimitz was adamant that repairs on Yorktown be accelerated to maximum. On the Japanese side Shokaku was damaged, but not severely. Zuikaku was completely undamaged but missing aircraft. And yet little effort was made to get either ready for the Midway operation. That's a three carrier swing!

  16. Alexander Butler

    Alexander Butler

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    This is what i loved about the American mentality at that time. Lose one carrier...build another one better with the same name. Never admit defeat. No foolish sentimentality. Just taking care of business.

  17. Frank Treppiedi

    Frank Treppiedi

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    At 15:02, Sidewinders, lol.

  18. jimmwimm


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    Love the 5" AA

    • dick whittenbarger

      dick whittenbarger

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      jimmwimm 5"38s BARRELL LENGTH, 5×38=190" LONG !

  19. Claudia Perez

    Claudia Perez

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    Uss lexngtonIobe

  20. Mr Ken General

    Mr Ken General

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    In my opinion, the U.S.S. Yorktown was indeed sunk during the Battle of Midway. I would say that the sinking of the Yorktown by a torpedo attack by a Japanese Submarine two days after the air Battles of Midway were over was indeed the 'real end' of the Battle of Midway.

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    Totally piss poor upload. 31 seconds in and I'm done. Thumbs down.

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      Your a dum ass how's that for a fact

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      How about a thumb up your ass?

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      AquaticBoardwalkEngineer comic book guy from the Simpsons over here.. Did the slight little audio garble hurt you're feelings that much that you felt you had to express your hurt feelings to everyone lol?

  22. Zach Boyd

    Zach Boyd

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    If there was ever a name in the history of the United States Navy that brought as much respect and honor as USS Enterprise, it was USS Yorktown.

    • Huawei is a criminal organization.

      Huawei is a criminal organization.

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      The repair job on Yorktown prior to Midway, probably the WWII dock repairmen's finest hour.

  23. Brandon Dacosta

    Brandon Dacosta

    2 년 전

    Does anyone on this page know of a Chief that served on board any of the USS Yorktown platforms? I'm currently active duty and an assignment we have is to identify a Chief that served on board any of the 4 platforms of Yorktown. Any assistance would be great!

  24. Stoney Compton

    Stoney Compton

    2 년 전

    I served aboard USS Yorktown, CVS-10 in 1963.

    • P & J Poston

      P & J Poston

      3 개월 전

      She is at Patriot Point in Mt Pleasant SC across Charleston Harbor. Please visit whenever you get to Charleston. She's still a beautiful Lady.

    • AllyyyTheGator


      5 개월 전

      Thank you so much for your service, sir

    • SlicedBananas


      7 개월 전

      My Grandfather Harold Hershberger served on the Yorktown.

    • Jenn Stapp

      Jenn Stapp

      년 전

      Thank you for your service to our country. It's the men and women like you who are the absolute best of Americans.



      년 전

      what did you do

  25. Ann Savinski

    Ann Savinski

    2 년 전

    my Uncle, Richard Savner served on the Yorktown II. He fought in Iwo Jima, Guadalcanal and the Sea of Japan. He flew over the USS Missouri when Japan was signing the surrender papers. He spent too many hours in the Pacific Ocean, shot up after going down, and being rescued after he saw his buddies become lunch for the sharks. I salute him and all his buddies. Thank you for your great service! He died at the age of 91!

    • jxsxs -

      jxsxs -

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  26. Phil Elsner

    Phil Elsner

    3 년 전

    former crew member uss yorktown cvs 10.

  27. mrt57rn


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    Excellent documentary. Watching these films....IDK how these men kept their composure during battle. My Dad served on a tin can in the south Pacific during the war. It blew during battle & the crew ended up in the sea. There were other ships around so they got picked up but most of them not till the battle was over. My Mom told me this, like most WWII service men, my Dad never talked about the war.

  28. Focused FilmW

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    What's up with the music creator of this video? Sounds like there is a dying giraffe in the music at several points.

    • ken reece

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      lots of videos have really bad sound

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    artist curious praise ukgpvty.

  30. Antonio Stola

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