Aaron Hernandez's Fiancee Speaks Out After Documentary Premiere

In January 2020, three years after former New England Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez's suicide in prison at the age of 27, Netflix released a docuseries about his tumultuous life titled, Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. The project is generating a lot of buzz on social media and some of the chatter has caused Hernandez's loved ones to speak out, including Shayanna Jenkins, his former fiancée and the mother of his daughter.
The Connecticut native, who reportedly started dating Hernandez when they were in high school, shared an emotional message on Instagram shortly after the film's premiere, hinting at the emotional pain she's experienced seemingly due to being forced to relive the past.
It's a past that includes Hernandez being convicted in 2015 for killing her sister's boyfriend, Odin Lloyd, being indicted and then acquitted of a double homicide at a Boston nightclub, and Hernandez committing suicide one month before his conviction for killing Lloyd was dismissed by a judge in Massachusetts. The judge reportedly made the decision because the former football pro died before his appeal could be heard, but a ruling from Massachusetts' highest court in March 2019 reinstated the conviction, calling the legal precedent "outdated."
The last few years of Hernandez's life were undoubtedly difficult for Jenkins given her deep ties to the athlete. With the release of the Netflix docuseries, Jenkins received many messages from the public. She wrote on Instagram on January 16th, 2020,
"I wanted to let all of you sweet sweet souls know I have tried to read every message sent on IG and through email (positive and negative)... The amount of support and positive energy is again unreal! I'm sure you will all understand how imperative it is to take some time away from social media."
This isn't the first time Jenkins has spoken about her history with Hernandez. She spoke with Dr. Phil McGraw in May 2017, and she also gave an interview to ABC News in August 2018. Then there's Oxygen's 2018 series, Aaron Hernandez Uncovered, which she appears in multiple times. Jenkins explained to Dr. Phil after Hernandez's death,
Jenkins isn't afraid to share her feelings, no matter how difficult it might be. Case in point? On the anniversary of Hernandez's death in April 2019, she took to Instagram to let him know she and his daughter, Avielle, are doing just fine, writing,
"Today we think of you with heavy hearts and positive memories! Although you aren't here physically Avielle and I speak about you often and keep you in close spirit. The energy and personality Avielle has is totally you!"
In the post, Jenkins also addressed her support group, adding,
"They say it takes a village and that's very true, I've had a great support group overall ... however, I'd like to especially appreciate the men in Avielle's life that have been the guidance she needs and more she may not know it yet but you all have a huge impact on her life and Aaron wouldn't want it any other way!!! Because of the emotional support you all have shown and provided this day pushes me to be stronger and accomplish what Aaron may have wanted to."
Despite the village surrounding Jenkins, there are still days when she's plagued with unanswered questions about her life with Hernandez. Jenkins admitted on Oxygen's Aaron Hernandez Uncovered,
"There are so many what-ifs. You just never really know what demons he could've been facing."
Despite the feelings Netflix's documentary might have resurfaced for Jenkins, she's still managing to move forward with her life. The mom welcomed her second child into the world in June 2018, a daughter with boxer Dino Guilmette. It's unclear whether Jenkins and Guilmette are still together today, but based on her Instagram account, it appears that Jenkins is happy living her life as a mother of two adorable girls.
Watch the video to hear what Aaron Hernandez's Fiancee Speaks Out After Documentary Premiere.
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  1. Nicki Swift

    Nicki Swift

    25 일 전

    What other crime/murder documentaries do you recommend?

    • Chew Chewy

      Chew Chewy

      19 일 전

      Diane Downs

    • Brian Thomas Driscoll

      Brian Thomas Driscoll

      19 일 전

      Hey Nikki, what about a documentary about Ed O'Kelly. He's the man that killed the man that killed Jesse James.

    • Babygirl Dixon

      Babygirl Dixon

      21 일 전

      @Mimi Marinho what is that about??

    • Nathalie Salas

      Nathalie Salas

      21 일 전

      When they see us💔

    • Leiah Davis

      Leiah Davis

      21 일 전

      The Menendez Brothers

  2. storm past1

    storm past1

    2 일 전

    Shayana Jenkins is a pathological liar and can't be trusted she is shady af

  3. Aaron Gilliam

    Aaron Gilliam

    17 일 전

    Dear I bet your so-called husband or either boyfriend a****** is bigger than the basketball cuz he loved getting his mud packed

  4. K B

    K B

    18 일 전

    What’s her Instagram??

  5. Kiki Arguello

    Kiki Arguello

    19 일 전

    I think it’s ridiculous that they are bringing up his sexuality if he was bisexual that’s his business doesn’t have to be out to the world. If he wanted to share it he would of done it when he was here.

  6. Gord Downey

    Gord Downey

    19 일 전

    I find it ironic how the media always controls the narrative in these situations

  7. Geltrudis Mumu

    Geltrudis Mumu

    19 일 전

    Leave her alone 💔

  8. Mark Haze

    Mark Haze

    19 일 전

    The REAL VICTIMS are Odin Lloyd, Daniel de Abreu, and Safiro Furtado.... NOT Aaron Hernandez. He was just a selfish killer.

  9. R B

    R B

    20 일 전

    He wasnt a tight end.... he was a wide receiver all along.

  10. • Mellotic •

    • Mellotic •

    20 일 전

    "Lil bow wow you just dont know"🎼🎶🎵🎼

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    She moved on quick lol.

  12. lambman


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    Holy shit you did the The Infographics Show!!!

  13. voici je

    voici je

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    documentary is for the public tp know little more about the subject...no one is force to watch sure not for his family

  14. Smith Grzegorzewski

    Smith Grzegorzewski

    20 일 전

    Aaron was a murdurer. Why must me pretend he was a good guy.

  15. Hannable Thuh Prince

    Hannable Thuh Prince

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    Damn she pretty.... Surprised she chose her second baby father...

  16. Donald Trump

    Donald Trump

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    Too bad she can't support her own sister....

  17. Jon Winder

    Jon Winder

    20 일 전

    Damn I never would want to be famous after reading all the comments in this section. Y'all are SAVAGE lmao. The bowwow comments I can't get the image out of my head after seeing the wife now!

  18. Kevin Beatley

    Kevin Beatley

    20 일 전

    Dont feel sorry for her at all,she helped him try to cover up that murder,and she clearly was in it for the money she seems to like to hook up with professional athletes,she doesn't come across as likeable in any way.

  19. in Rodger l trust

    in Rodger l trust

    20 일 전

    Criminals turning into victims The media is powerful

  20. Buckmark


    21 일 전

    Arron was screwed up in the head. Sad how many people had their hands out wanting money from him.

  21. Kendall Long

    Kendall Long

    21 일 전

    Damn she had another baby a year after he died i didn't kno that.. She waisted no time at all smh. I c she love her Hispanics though..

  22. Michael Patnode

    Michael Patnode

    21 일 전

    For getting rid of the weapon should see you behind bars.

  23. The Wretched Of The Earth

    The Wretched Of The Earth

    21 일 전

    She took out the evidence and then claimed she had no clue what was in the bag. She might get a job offer from Trump. Loyalty. More like accessory.

  24. Boerenkinkel Extreme

    Boerenkinkel Extreme

    21 일 전

    The dude went druggie...

  25. Adrian Acevedo

    Adrian Acevedo

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    What about Oden?

  26. Ana VGXO 💖

    Ana VGXO 💖

    21 일 전

    honestly this whole documentary was bullshit

  27. El Do

    El Do

    21 일 전

    Damn she moved on quick. I feel like him killing him self was in vain. (209 Northern California)

  28. carlton seaton

    carlton seaton

    21 일 전

    It’s all about what did the man know about AH that set him off to kill him?

  29. Kailee Tuke

    Kailee Tuke

    21 일 전

    I know he killed someone but I honestly feel so bad for him and his daughter

  30. Elliot Ness

    Elliot Ness

    21 일 전

    How do you commit all these murders and leave ALL the evidence.

  31. Elliot Ness

    Elliot Ness

    21 일 전

    He may have had CTE but he clearly planned a murder and executed it, no excuse for what he did, CTE don't make you plan a calculated murder with a bunch of Thug Friends, many players have CTE who are not murderers.

  32. Candace Liebenberg

    Candace Liebenberg

    21 일 전

    What a sad story!!! I feel for all of you⭐️

  33. jaymee kinsella

    jaymee kinsella

    22 일 전

    I don’t believe he killed his self! Nor did Shayanna knew him well. The whole thing is just odd! Does anyone else think?

    • A.J London

      A.J London

      19 일 전

      No. His post mortem brain tissue clearly demonstrated advanced disease. Often behaviours such as impulsiveness manifest with brain illness. How do I know? I work in Neurology. Nope. No Conspiracy here.

  34. K. D.

    K. D.

    22 일 전

    The true meaning of a "Ride or die" chick.

  35. Metal Michael

    Metal Michael

    22 일 전

    He was trash. Case closed.

  36. Brandon Anthony

    Brandon Anthony

    22 일 전

    He killed himself before the conviction in court so his wife and kids would get all his contract money from his football career ongioing. His kids would have got nothing if convicted and left in jail. The football team had to pay out his wife and kids. He killed himself for that

    • Young Black Conservative

      Young Black Conservative

      20 일 전

      He was already convicted from the first case.

  37. Bradley Thomsen

    Bradley Thomsen

    22 일 전

    He's a real POS.

  38. 幽灵天体 幽灵天体

    幽灵天体 幽灵天体

    22 일 전


  39. Sharon Pope

    Sharon Pope

    22 일 전

    I don’t know if this is true about sexuality but I felt sad about him taking his life I felt sad for his mom and his family

  40. tsimmons1974ts


    22 일 전

    His girl is sexy 🍆🍆🍆🍆🍆

  41. Susan Barton

    Susan Barton

    22 일 전

    I feel bad for her She didnt want this.

  42. Brian notafan

    Brian notafan

    22 일 전

    who fucked a white man in her gene pool w/ the goofy color eyes

  43. Brian notafan

    Brian notafan

    22 일 전

    ill bet he didn't have a tight end at his end L M B O

  44. Durelle Mouatcho

    Durelle Mouatcho

    22 일 전

    Why did he killed the guy the. I still don't understand . Poor coverage.

  45. al reynolds

    al reynolds

    22 일 전

    A low life who played a good football game...end of story !

    • kelley Rogers

      kelley Rogers

      19 일 전

      U are no better in the eyes of God. We all sin

  46. Nathan Logan

    Nathan Logan

    22 일 전

    The documentary was a missed opportunity to educate people on CTE. Instead it lowkey gay bashed. I thought we were past that? Really disappointing.

    • Sadaah Iyambo

      Sadaah Iyambo

      20 일 전

      I agree with you Nathan Logan

    • Chad Willett

      Chad Willett

      21 일 전

      Are you sure you're just not overly sensitive? This was not social commentary, or a series about brain trama. It was a glimpse into the mind of a killer, specifically Aaron Hernandez and what mmy

    • Mugen Champloo

      Mugen Champloo

      22 일 전

      How did it gay bash?

  47. Samuel Rummer

    Samuel Rummer

    22 일 전

    Aaron's fiancee was beautifully stunning! So sad for everyone involved..

  48. marcelaruby84


    22 일 전

    Someone needs to remind her there is no statue of limitations on accessory to murder, they weren’t legally married so husband wife privilege don’t count, a picture is worth a thousand words

    • trish norman

      trish norman

      19 일 전

      marcelaruby84 Well said. Add obstruction of justice to that. She disposed of the box. Video of her carrying out of the house right after he told her. Then she admitted to disposing of it but not where she dumped it.

  49. ChiefGwopp100


    23 일 전

    *Killed Her Brother Then Himself, Thats The Surest Path To Hell*



      21 일 전

      ChiefGwopp100 he killed the boyfriend of her sister what u on about

  50. Tokyo Drift

    Tokyo Drift

    23 일 전

    The dude had the entire future in front of him. If you're reading this and you want to join gang or whatever, it is not worth it. To throw your life away even if you have no money it is not worth it.

  51. Christian Lombardi

    Christian Lombardi

    23 일 전

    She had a kid with a boxer are you kidding me? What is she attracted to, CTE?

  52. GI Jane

    GI Jane

    23 일 전

    Prayers for the family.

  53. Kayla Smith

    Kayla Smith

    23 일 전

    It's so sad that they trying to turnish his name tHat man was not gay i agree if so you would see some proof they seem like they was jealous of him

    • Judy Tarrant Tutey

      Judy Tarrant Tutey

      20 일 전

      Kayla Smith she tarnished her name by lying n covering up,lucky she’s not in jail

  54. Виктор Николаев

    Виктор Николаев

    23 일 전

    Rest in Peace King 👑 Aaron Hernandez ❤️

  55. jushere freedom

    jushere freedom

    23 일 전

    I know this about Hernandez but what a gorgeous woman she is.

  56. AK Drago

    AK Drago

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    She lied on the Stand... Big Fuckin Time!!!!!!!

  57. joe gomez

    joe gomez

    23 일 전

    Forget that monster!

  58. CarsOverPeople


    23 일 전

    Although Aaron did a lot of terrible things, you can’t help but feel a bit bad for the guy. A big part of why he did all the bad things he did was due to a bad upbringing and football itself (the extreme amount of physical and emotional stress it put on him). I’m sure if he was brought up in a different environment (with better parents, especially), he would’ve had an entirely different life. But it still doesn’t mean what he did was justified.

  59. kelley Rogers

    kelley Rogers

    23 일 전

    I know that although noone seemed to truly love him only use him....God loves him

  60. Dannysmokes


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    Bowwow really letting his hair grow 🤷‍♂️😂

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