[ATEEZ - Answer] Comeback Stage | M COUNTDOWN 200109 EP.648

- KPOP Chart Show M COUNTDOWN | EP.648
- ATEEZ - Answer
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에이티니와 에이티즈가 함께하는 매 순간 황홀할테니! ♥Forever you’re my heart♥ 'Answer' 무대!
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  1. Nnyshan


    시간 전

    The next big thing in KPOP

  2. 면지파워


    7 시간 전

    꺄아아아아아어아아아아아아아아아아아//// 너무졓아!

  3. Haley O'Brien

    Haley O'Brien

    10 시간 전

    wow ngl was not expecting this to be such a bop, i don’t stan, but im pretty sure that’s gonna change, because wowowowowowowowow

  4. Mohd Nadzwan

    Mohd Nadzwan

    12 시간 전

    i have made an official audio of ATEEZ - ANSWER GDA VERSION , lets watch it ! link : koplayers.info/show/eVVBd2dqb1licGM.html

  5. Nellsha90


    14 시간 전

    I looooooove this song!!! Go ateez 가자ㅏㅏㅏ

  6. Ther


    18 시간 전

    Legit randomly came across this vid 🙈 Enlighten me please, who's who? Who should I stan? What songs of theirs should I listen to? 🤩 What's the fandom name? 😎 And where do I sign up to be guardian of these boys. 😂🤷‍♀️

    • rumi1379


      43 분 전

      Hi! Fandom name - Atiny - ATEEZ + Destiny cause we are destined to meet eachother They are one year old group have 5 Korean and 2 Japanese albums, 13 MVs (all bops with Treasure storyline and Pirate concept) Watch the videos Guide from UNEBINE Guide from Seokjinmyfeels "This video will make you fall inlove with all 8 members of ATEEZ" by Seokjinmyfeels

    • Zemoura Anis

      Zemoura Anis

      15 시간 전

      Listen to wave illusion Hala Hala treasure pirate king promise aurora say my name and wonderland And definitely you should Stan

  7. jaden jones

    jaden jones

    20 시간 전

    I cant really hear well

  8. Syazwani Azmi

    Syazwani Azmi

    23 시간 전

    The bowl haired boy who stands in the middle while the other members walking in a circle, yo his voice is so clear.. IM IMPRESSED!

    • rumi1379


      19 시간 전

      Jongho, the maknae



    일 전

    ATEEZ 💜

  10. GL Morticia

    GL Morticia

    일 전

    BROOOO- Why did I just notice that there's treasure on the stage with them??!?? Is this black flag ateez still?

  11. syahla


    일 전

    Idk since when but when i see yunho i naturally stopped breathing lol he's so good at everything but it's kinda sad he's underrated

  12. Val1995


    일 전

    I am obsessed. And I am not this obsessed for a rookie since like 2015... With Ikon and Monsta X And even before the only ones where BTS, Infinite and WINNER debuts.

  13. Phin Thao

    Phin Thao

    일 전


  14. 어머나세상에


    일 전

    해적왕때부터 이 그룹 알아서 지금까지 타이틀은 다 들어봤는데 ㄹㅇ싹다좋음 근데 입덕생각은 그렇게 진지하겐 안하고 오 개좋다 얘네뭐지 하고 지냈는데 이번 엔서 뮤비 첫 소절듣고 소름 오지게 돋음 입덕 진지하게 고민중임

  15. Mrs. Illidan

    Mrs. Illidan

    일 전

    4:00 ok but i'm dead

  16. Baby Yoda

    Baby Yoda

    2 일 전

    I’m just waiting the day for hongjoong to drop his mic

  17. cam cam

    cam cam

    2 일 전

    I didn’t realize that this came out exactly the same day on my sister’s birthday 💕

  18. skzboyztrash


    2 일 전

    since no one's talking about Yeosang i will. he did amazing in this and i hope he gains more confidence in his vocals cause they really are amazing and deserve to be heard more.

  19. 닝시 Ruby Ayri

    닝시 Ruby Ayri

    2 일 전

    yunho 🤎🤎🤎

  20. alexandria amos

    alexandria amos

    2 일 전

    real life mad that I was late to the party ONCE AGAIN.😔 out here missing out on such talented men, no longer.😐

  21. Jeffrey S

    Jeffrey S

    2 일 전

    They really KILLING IT this era. I applaud

  22. Siti Liyana

    Siti Liyana

    2 일 전

    This is the best mistake I've ever made. Its been long since i last became super satisfied with a comeback. The song, the dance, stage presence and everything is just perfect. I don't know who they are, and I've never heard any of their songs before but this song just hit me hard! I hope im not too late to enjoy this masterpiece

    • rumi1379


      2 일 전

      Welcome! Check their other songs out, they have only masterpieces!

  23. Elan Kim

    Elan Kim

    2 일 전


  24. Alisa Oscar

    Alisa Oscar

    3 일 전

    4:19 when you get a headache and gotta push through it 😂

  25. RAY 35

    RAY 35

    3 일 전

    Amezing man oh goad haib my 😭👍🏻👍🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😉😉😉

  26. T-qa Najuwa

    T-qa Najuwa

    3 일 전

    Not Atiny but been listening to their songs now and then... Been watching their mvs... I must say that Jongho voice is heavenly and Hongjoong(?) the rapper kinda looks like Cross Gene member Takuya... There i said it. These two gonna be my bias ahahaha

  27. MİA


    3 일 전


  28. MİA


    3 일 전

    Jongho's vocals 🔥

  29. Jjang Jjang Bbong Bbong

    Jjang Jjang Bbong Bbong

    3 일 전

    the hip thrust is making me dizzy- help

  30. Hehe UwU

    Hehe UwU

    3 일 전

    *i cant breath* - San

  31. Shazleen Shafree

    Shazleen Shafree

    3 일 전

    that wink 🥺

  32. petitenoia


    4 일 전

    I enjoyed their music without knowing who the member is. They are so good 👍👍👍

  33. Ana Almeida

    Ana Almeida

    4 일 전


  34. Maria Velazquez

    Maria Velazquez

    4 일 전

    Dude Ateez has my heart bro I never thought I’d like a group this much after bts 💖

  35. jisoo black

    jisoo black

    4 일 전

    차세대 케이팝 선두주자가 될 가능성이 가장 높은 그룹같아요 ㅎㅎ 응원합니다 춤 보컬 랩이 가장 균형 잡힌 그룹 같달까ᆢ 비주얼이나 춤이야 요즘 케이팝그룹은 다 뛰어나니;

  36. 워너블에이티니에비뉴


    5 일 전

    우앙 응원소리 크당 ❤️❤️ 목 나가도록 응원해주셔서 감사합니다 !!

  37. 워너블에이티니에비뉴


    5 일 전

    4:32 어머 종호야 .....성량이 mr을 뚫고 나오면 어떡하니 ....ㅠㅠㅠ

  38. Sam np

    Sam np

    5 일 전

    I've just became a fan and I don't know who is who but holy hell am I crushing so hard on the main rapper

  39. Music Rebel

    Music Rebel

    5 일 전

    Not a fan of Ateez but I really really love this song 🖤

  40. Soul Jiki

    Soul Jiki

    5 일 전

    About 1:21 is the start of the song if anyone wanted to Kno

  41. wren


    5 일 전

    hit them notes jongho

  42. Cento Kaymino

    Cento Kaymino

    5 일 전

    Perghhhhh vocal!!!😱😱😱

  43. Elif Ergör

    Elif Ergör

    5 일 전

    Bulla bulla uri çigım bulla part is killing me everytime dance moves is freaking good

  44. Rawan Omer

    Rawan Omer

    6 일 전

    And you want to tell me that they are rookies ? I feel like they are the next exo they are just perfect .. i will stan for sure ❤❤

  45. Maiza B

    Maiza B

    6 일 전

    Wooyouuung my baby love youu 🤍❤️

  46. Alal.


    6 일 전

    هيلبمييي قلببيي قاعددد ينصهررر؛^؛؛💖💖💖💖✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

  47. adhista mawadhah

    adhista mawadhah

    6 일 전

    Jongho you're amazing💗💗

  48. skz minsung

    skz minsung

    6 일 전

    Jongho is the next Han ♡ and Ateez are the next Stray Kids . Surely will grow and success more in future .

    • jaybie


      8 시간 전

      skz minsung i feel like i need to tweak your statement cause they both debuted in the same year so Ateez is not a junior of SKZ. But yes, both groups are totally amazing

  49. ujikyo


    6 일 전

    if u hate ateez ur opinion is wrong

  50. Chaeli Rodriguez

    Chaeli Rodriguez

    6 일 전

    bless this cameraman’s soul.

  51. 0agneska0


    6 일 전

    When your bias and bias wrecker destroy you at the same time in one performance. Somebody, help, I need cpr.

  52. K HARDER


    7 일 전

    If you call this boys underrated, I'll slap the hell out of you. The fact that they are still rookies but a lot of supporters and fans right now proves that they are already successful. So shut the fuck up and continue to support this boys instead of complaining. They are still new, they can't just be on another level that instantly. We have to be patient to see their growth.

  53. Why You Sad?

    Why You Sad?

    7 일 전

    Im new to Ateez.. i only know seonghwa, san and hoonjoon(is that how his name spell as? One thing for sure he's the leader) when i first listen to ateez which is wonderland, seonghwa catch my eyes. He really stood out with that hairstyle and Levi's vibe. Anyway, i want to know who is who..so can anyone help meh😁 2:18 he has a deep voice and so tall 2:52 i guess he's the main vocalist 3:06 visual of the group? He looks like nuest ren 3:20 he slay that red hair 3:43 who is he? He so cute

    • rumi1379


      7 일 전

      1. Yunho 2. Jongho 3. Yeosang 4. Mingi 5. Seonghwa Ps it's spelled Hongjoong Welcome!

  54. J-N Lee

    J-N Lee

    7 일 전

    My boys said: lip syncing, we don’t know her

  55. ѕt mєlσn

    ѕt mєlσn

    7 일 전

    Just in case you wanna see it👀 2:47 2:57 4:45 4:55

  56. Ayesha Siddiqui

    Ayesha Siddiqui

    7 일 전


  57. juegawomandownunder - Niño rata y maricón

    juegawomandownunder - Niño rata y maricón

    7 일 전

  58. PJ Mendoza

    PJ Mendoza

    8 일 전

    This song is so good and addicting 💯

  59. Shazleen Shafree

    Shazleen Shafree

    8 일 전

    im starting to become atiny 🥺

  60. feen


    8 일 전

    Jongho: lip syncing? i’m sorry but it ain’t about me🙂

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