50 Insane Aircraft Carrier Facts That Will Shock You

I bet you didn't know these surprising facts about Aircraft Carriers! Today we're going to take a look at 50 facts about aircraft carriers, you didn't know!
The aircraft carrier- mightiest weapon in any navy's arsenal and uncontested ruler of the high seas. Hello, and welcome to another episode of The Infographics Show- today we're taking a look at the evolution, history, and some things you might never have known in 50 Surprising Facts About Aircraft Carriers.

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  1. The Infographics Show

    The Infographics Show

    년 전

    What would you add to this super carrier for leisure purposes? What could make the time at sea more enjoyable?



      9 일 전

      A giant cannon

    • FalconGamer03


      9 일 전

      @Muhammed Aman Yes... but everything can be destroyed by a tactical nuclear missile

    • FalconGamer03


      9 일 전

      @James McGinnis he probably meant newly DESIGNED carrier, sir

    • Jim Jerome

      Jim Jerome

      14 일 전

      A bar

    • Ace Commander

      Ace Commander

      개월 전

      Someone trying to sell an aircarrier on ebay for 7 million, BOI ONLY RICH BOI OR THE MILITARY CAN BUY IT

  2. Robert Mattison

    Robert Mattison

    일 전

    F-14 on aircraft carriers, I don't think so. Check your facts.

  3. TechGamer 99

    TechGamer 99

    일 전

    India has 3 aircraft carriers

  4. Robert Fleming

    Robert Fleming

    2 일 전

    @ 9:24 that silhouette of an "F-14" is actually a F-111

  5. Mohammad Anas

    Mohammad Anas

    2 일 전

    Why are the turbines of the carrier is floating above the water??

  6. Leo Mendonsa

    Leo Mendonsa

    2 일 전

    Wait so if the carriers are sovereign territory, does that mean the University of Sydney Pirates invaded the US???

  7. Lucas Lima

    Lucas Lima

    2 일 전

    Well, adding to the comments about inaccuracies in this video i'd like to talk about the #47. The french actually HAD an aircraft carrier named Foch. It was sold to Brazil's Navy in 2000, i.e. 18 years BEFORE this video was made. But i guess that this way the dramatic effect isn't the same tho...

  8. eliteEVIL darkness

    eliteEVIL darkness

    3 일 전

    Wait f 14 is still in service?

  9. eliteEVIL darkness

    eliteEVIL darkness

    3 일 전

    More like 50 facts abt USA's navy

  10. Ming Ming

    Ming Ming

    4 일 전

    F-14 has been out of service in USN for a while now....

  11. Indio Coe

    Indio Coe

    4 일 전

    You fully spelt Sydney wrong my guy. Get it right

  12. LenTex Brew

    LenTex Brew

    4 일 전

    Tomcats haven't been in service for many years now. Might want to fact check that.

  13. J_Gam1n_YT


    4 일 전

    The planes were landing on the front of the carrier but they are meant to land from the back.

  14. Foxie


    4 일 전

    Why can't the world be peaceful. Focusing on all these useless conflicts is getting rid of so much potential on actually useful things

  15. Torben Rudgaard

    Torben Rudgaard

    5 일 전

    Whu dont you call it the USS Socialism? Its paid for with socialist system forced paid tax dollars. Not much freedom in this. US is more socialist than most other countries when it comes to their red socialist navy.

  16. John Papa

    John Papa

    5 일 전

    Your graphics have planes landing the wrong way.

  17. best5345


    6 일 전

    USA is a super power. Thank you guys for policing this crazy world. (an african from central Africa)

  18. Zerzexhs_27


    6 일 전

    Fact # -1 most of them are in azur lane :D

  19. Adam Tucker

    Adam Tucker

    6 일 전

    You said the fact about France being the only other nation to have built a nuclear powered aircraft carrier twice, so really you've got 49 facts there pal.

  20. Richard Pletcher

    Richard Pletcher

    7 일 전

    How about showing the aircraft in your graphics landing the correct direction?

  21. Glen Cheney

    Glen Cheney

    7 일 전

    HMS Queen Elizabeth worth a mention?

  22. Alyx Gaming

    Alyx Gaming

    7 일 전

    Dude perfect?

  23. TrinhStudios


    7 일 전

    When there will be no land in the future, aircraft carriers will be the new cities of the future

  24. NexDemise


    7 일 전

    Earliest aircraft carriers actually date to the American civil war, where Union ships operating on the Mississippi river would actually launch hot air balloons.

  25. das is gut

    das is gut

    8 일 전

    Everyone here commenting about the wrong facts and I'm here looking for the background song

  26. Tommy Williamson

    Tommy Williamson

    8 일 전

    The F14 Tomcats have been retired for several years now.

  27. Andy D G

    Andy D G

    8 일 전

    Chevy has announced there intention to create a supercarrier of there own to compete with the ford!!

  28. E. A

    E. A

    9 일 전

    The most absurd weaponry ever made. They just won't accept it. A few Land to sea ballistic missiles easily sinks this piece of junk metal. They can't resist against many of them. The chain of internal explosion will end it forever.

  29. cockroach


    9 일 전

    Phalanx CIWS ?

  30. Alfons Rasmus

    Alfons Rasmus

    10 일 전

    1:17 did anyone buy it?

  31. Alexander Frame

    Alexander Frame

    10 일 전

    Sidney 🤦‍♂️

  32. Sing WoozWorld Productions Sales and TRADEs

    Sing WoozWorld Productions Sales and TRADEs

    10 일 전

    who came here from dude perfect air craft bucket list video

  33. fxrdie


    11 일 전

    I heard 'CARRIER' too much in the video, it will most likely sound weird for the rest of my life.

  34. Dylan Smiddy

    Dylan Smiddy

    11 일 전


  35. Vegarot Fusion

    Vegarot Fusion

    11 일 전

    So the USA's 11 aircraft carriers cost roughly $28,000,000,000 a year to operate. And the 9 amphibious carriers cost roughly $10,100,000,000 a year to operate. Then there's the supporting fleet and the Submarine fleet. And a deteriorating country with growing inequality.

  36. Lucas Calderón

    Lucas Calderón

    11 일 전


  37. Alexander Sin

    Alexander Sin

    11 일 전

    Sidney hehehehe

  38. Mark


    11 일 전


  39. Scott MacLaren

    Scott MacLaren

    12 일 전

    who is here after the dude perfect video?

  40. W925 Gaming

    W925 Gaming

    15 일 전

    Just check your facts first

  41. Philip Ferris

    Philip Ferris

    15 일 전

    How many times in war games have us. Submarines beaten their screen

  42. Philip Ferris

    Philip Ferris

    15 일 전

    The bismark took one ww2 torpedo in her rudder then two old battleships sunk her

  43. StarkMcQueen


    18 일 전

    russia and china; we have 2 aircraft carries when combined *america; Hold my Planes*

  44. Just a random chihuahua

    Just a random chihuahua

    18 일 전

    are you saying that bill gates can get his hands on a Aircraft carrier if allowed? Dang.

  45. Jcbrz


    21 일 전


  46. saipan gropo

    saipan gropo

    23 일 전

    4:25 wait whut I thought it was uss ronald Reagan

  47. Infinity52YT


    23 일 전

    The carrier shinano was supposed to be yamato's brother.But war started and was converted into and AC

  48. Elnoia


    23 일 전

    Your facts are useless trash.

  49. Alvaro Lopez

    Alvaro Lopez

    24 일 전

    The engine of a steam train and the engine of a nuclear carrier has nothing in comon excep for the steam itself.

  50. FireflyDivision


    27 일 전

    Okay, I'm convinced. I want one.

  51. Carl Anthony Cunanan

    Carl Anthony Cunanan

    28 일 전

    What happend to those students

  52. Insultzz


    개월 전

    4:07 u spelt sydney wrong?

  53. michele howd

    michele howd

    개월 전

    I Love ww2

  54. john maziasz

    john maziasz

    개월 전

    Is it possible to make a vid with no factual and/ or grammatical errors?

  55. Gfdx Gfdx

    Gfdx Gfdx

    개월 전

    A cool fact: The US actually launched bombers of the USS Hornet, usually too heavy, for the Doolittle Raid

  56. i like frogs

    i like frogs

    개월 전

    Im shocked

  57. AckbarGaming


    개월 전

    Fact 51 : HMS Argus is the first aircraft carrier ever built

    • AckbarGaming


      개월 전

      oh ok

    • Arebs Yakumo

      Arebs Yakumo

      개월 전

      Thats actually not quite true: The HMS Argus was the first ship which was converted to a Aircraft Carrier and her refit was finished before any Purpose Builded Carrier was finished. The HMS Hermes was the First Designed Aircraft Carrier, while the IJN Hosho was the first launched and commissioned Aircraft Carrier in the world.

  58. Andy T

    Andy T

    개월 전

    a few mistakes and hardly 'insane facts' but otherwise interesting.

  59. nicholas hardesty

    nicholas hardesty

    개월 전

    Am I mistaken or was the fact that France 🇫🇷 is the only other country that has a nuclear ☢️ powered carrier mentioned twice? #9 and #36?!?

  60. Yuri Mendes

    Yuri Mendes

    개월 전

    1:16 Every time I think my country can't get any crazier...

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