How to create subtitles for youtube videos - 3 ways to make closed captions for videos

Want to know how to create subtitles for KOplayers videos? - Here are 3, free and cheap ways to make closed captions for videos online. - Check out Rev for cheap subtitles with an SRT
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0:00 Why you need subtitles
0:11 1.The script method
0:37 2. Fiver
0:43 3. Best option
Subtitles are excellent for the hard of hearing, they allow people to watch your content in silence on mobile, and they give KOplayers keywords to help rank your content on so really they’re probably worth the time and effort.
Especially if you want to grow your business's KOplayers channel.
The first way you can get them is free, and it’s what we’re doing right now.
Because we want this video to work as well as possible we’ve written it up first, in the long run, it makes the production and editing process faster, and the result better.
The downside is there is no time data so we can’t just import a file and magically see it go into our video in the right spaces.

The second option is to hit up Fiva. You can get videos transcribed for super cheap and from our experience with this, they work well too.

And finally probably the option that’s appealing to more people now is REV, it’s a dollar a minute for the transcription and for an extra 25 cents they’ll time stamp it which means you’ll get an srt file you can drop into your videos and it’ll line up in time.
They claim fast turnarounds, high accuracy and from the clients, we have that use it, we can’t argue with that.
Don’t forget to add your transcription to your KOplayers video description box to help get it ranking for search terms tool.
Now you’ve got your transcript ready why not check out this video to find out how to add them to your KOplayers video.
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