Korean War- Documentary (1950-1953)

The Korean War in a way you've never seen it before


  1. Cameron Tate

    Cameron Tate

    3 시간 전

    Brett Barry sucked ass

  2. Raidenway


    일 전

    So basically the South Korean started the war by provoking the North.

  3. Vinh Nguyen

    Vinh Nguyen

    일 전

    dog communism kill all

  4. matthew thomas

    matthew thomas

    3 일 전

    This was the war my grandfather was in. Greatest man I ever knew and loved.

  5. zhi zheng

    zhi zheng

    4 일 전

    If the north korean and south korean want to fight again each other now , please start the war at summer, becuase we chinese do not want fight at winter now . Too cold to fight. And i do not want to fight against the Philippines , becuase they are too brave . We do not want to lost our life now . I just want peace .

  6. john suhad zahir

    john suhad zahir

    5 일 전

    Bloody genocidal maniacs. This murderous race will meet its end soon in a bitter way and only then humanity will have peace. They are the roots of all evil in this world but mfs have no shame to call people defending themselves as terrorists. These cowards will only fight hiding behind walls, carpet bomb civilians and kill women and children. Karma is already catching up with them. Most of them are now obese, unfit and suffers from mental illnesses. Their population is in decline as a lot of them are homosexuals, paedophiles and most of them don’t have children. In a matter of 2 centuries they will be labeled as an endangered race and then the victims would take their revenge and end this cancer for good so that rest of humanity can live peacefully.

  7. Pulis Na gwaping

    Pulis Na gwaping

    7 일 전

    1000 filipino soldiers versus 40000 Chinese soldiers hhahaha Philippine for the win hahah

  8. Gringo Sinting

    Gringo Sinting

    8 일 전

    old warmonger never die, they just fucked away

  9. Stephen Benhero

    Stephen Benhero

    8 일 전

    They should have recognized countries who fought for world peace and freedom and not in general

  10. CertainDeath777


    9 일 전

    very basic documentation, which hardly delivers facts about the campaign itself, but a lot of hurra patriotism, and a false description and portrait of a picnic style soldiers life. Boring.

  11. snoop doggy dog

    snoop doggy dog

    10 일 전

    Deos any one here know my grandfather sargent charels h. Stempl company e 2D battalion 59 infrantry regiment

  12. T


    10 일 전

    I’m 14 and love war I’m going to fight north korea like my grandpa so he’s proud of me

    • CertainDeath777


      9 일 전

      How ridicolous. Grow yourself a brain^^

    • T


      10 일 전

      he toght me to never trust communists and fight against the Chinese marines I hope to make him proud

  13. Jake Blaze

    Jake Blaze

    11 일 전

    Land of the morning cum.

  14. Resonance


    11 일 전

    Im South korean and I will never forget your services in my country to save free nations, Korea

  15. 林中竹子


    13 일 전

    1:06:40 "Consume steel, not men"? -Because the only weapon China could use against the United States was men How could a country that has been devastated by civil war for half a century, a backward agricultural country that has just ended its civil war for less than a year, compete with the United States at that time to "consume steel"? At that time, the Chinese army even used rifles from Chiang Kai-shek, the Japanese and the Soviet Union, which did not have enough capacity to produce light weapons. "Consume steel, not men"? Well, I know that the United States is a democracy that values human rights, while China is an evil regime that doesn't value human rights and likes to waste the lives of its soldiers. To fuck communism, evil communism needs everyone to kill it!

  16. Alejandro Fernandez

    Alejandro Fernandez

    15 일 전

    Pretty patchy documentary, doesn’t bring up how South Korea’s President Syngman Rhee slaughtered 60,000 Korean civilians out of fear they Communist sympathizers during the Bodo league massacre, South Korea was a disgusting dictatorship up until barely 20 years ago

  17. Rahad's xprof

    Rahad's xprof

    16 일 전

    communist vs no communist

  18. lee david

    lee david

    16 일 전

    This is as biased as it gets

  19. amethyst6901


    18 일 전

    my uncle sonny gooch served in this war

  20. Pick With Dick

    Pick With Dick

    18 일 전

    Hoji zing dong fan ting! Dei tam nut man?

  21. Ferdi Nand

    Ferdi Nand

    19 일 전


  22. Paul Pithers

    Paul Pithers

    19 일 전

    when you lose ground its Nato and when its a good thing you say Americans … I think there be some bias going on here #]

  23. Rod 1984

    Rod 1984

    19 일 전

    3,600 in a division.... ok.

  24. bogz sky

    bogz sky

    21 일 전

    wow amerikans are always the starring, not mentioning any filipino troops.

    • Communist Jesus

      Communist Jesus

      19 일 전

      Not even mentioning the danish medics

  25. Oliver Shore

    Oliver Shore

    22 일 전

    My grand paw survived this war

  26. yung pineapple

    yung pineapple

    23 일 전

    My grandpa served in the Korean war

  27. SPESS


    24 일 전

    My grandma was in both the Second World War and the Korean War of corse she was just a citizen. I also thank all of the UN troops who fought for the liberty of south Korea

  28. Constantin B

    Constantin B

    25 일 전

    God bless America

  29. Patrick Reagan

    Patrick Reagan

    26 일 전

    They were not BLACK recruits. THEY WERE AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!! We are ONE! United by the creator.

  30. Nick Sontag

    Nick Sontag

    27 일 전


  31. sakkMinalda _23

    sakkMinalda _23

    28 일 전

    Wtf no philippines these is the reason why i hate american show the filipinos was the one who did not surrender the fight

  32. sakkMinalda _23

    sakkMinalda _23

    28 일 전

    Wtf no philippines these is the reason why i hate american show the filipinos was the one who did not surrender the fight

  33. no one in particular

    no one in particular

    29 일 전

    Excellent documentary! I really enjoyed it. There isn't enough information available on the Korean war.

  34. kevin landers

    kevin landers

    29 일 전

    Hello, My name is Kevin Landers with 10tv in Columbus, Ohio. We are doing a story about a Korean War MIA who is being buried today. I was wondering if I can have your permission to use some of this video to help tell our story. You will be credited. Thank you.

  35. My view JHJ

    My view JHJ

    개월 전

    Leave the Koreans alone

  36. 阴道美国人


    개월 전

    Without the americans and un these gay korean would have lost the war



    개월 전

    Brothers fought and democracy and communist flourished

  38. 윤샘


    개월 전

    미국 참 감사하다

  39. 역대급친일파몰이 파씨즘 공산주의정권

    역대급친일파몰이 파씨즘 공산주의정권

    개월 전

    We must eliminate commies on the earth 🇨🇳🇰🇵🛠👈☠

    • 李沂


      7 일 전

      I sincerely hope we human can first eliminate the hunger and illnesses then destroy different ideologies

    • 李沂


      7 일 전

      Why you think we can not have peace?

  40. Pictures Speak A 1000 Words

    Pictures Speak A 1000 Words

    개월 전

    Absolute retards sending them off to acquire wounds then trying to fix them you are not the police of the world.

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