The Korean War - THE COLD WAR Turns Hot!

Not so long after World War 2, the Cold War had its first very hot conflict. After the separation of Korea into a communist north and a pro-western south, the stage was set for war. A war that escalated quickly and brought new innovations to the front that were only in a testing phase a few years earlier. The conflict cooled down into an armistice and created the DMZ that we still know today.
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Presented by: Indy Neidell
Based on the script by: Daniel Hungerford
Directed By: Daniel Czepelczauer
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Music: Markus Kretzschmar and Daniel Czepelczauer
Sound Design: Bojan Novic
Editing: Franz Jänich
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  1. Rohan Ghosh

    Rohan Ghosh

    4 개월 전

    USA and Russia destroyed Vietnam Korea and now the Middle East. Good God bless USA and Mother Russia.

  2. John von Shepard

    John von Shepard

    6 개월 전

    Better dead than red.

  3. Billy Riedel

    Billy Riedel

    6 개월 전

    I feel because the Vietnam war lasted so long compared to the Korean war or at least the American participation of it, people tend to forget about it. I always remember the war because my grandpa missed out on it by being sent to Japan instead of Korea. They wanted to make him an aerial photo interpreter, so he got trained in Japan, but once he finished the Korean war had ended.

  4. 凌凌漆


    8 개월 전

    the war for the new china

  5. coolMguy


    8 개월 전

    8:57 because it never technically ended

  6. Jestekin E

    Jestekin E

    8 개월 전


  7. Blaze Song

    Blaze Song

    9 개월 전

    I've seen plenty of videos covering only the heavy casualty of chinese army in korean war. This one just make an addtion to those. The largest casualty paid in this war was from south korean army FYI. I'm not arguing which side wins by comparing casualties. I just hate the feeling that people seems not to treat south korean soldiers as HUMAN.

  8. 11Broomstick


    11 개월 전

    currently watching this about 2 miles away from the dmz. I can't imagine what our soliders went through having to fight in the cold winters here, just training here is enough for me.

    • numuves


      개월 전

      Imagine the Chinese soldiers who didn't have ammo and probably not enough proper clothing.

  9. PaperMind


    11 개월 전

    I want more on the Mexican revolution

  10. Barbarossa The Pirate

    Barbarossa The Pirate

    년 전

    It is widely believed in Turkey that US intentionally left the Turkish regiment behind so that UN&US forces can retreat while the Turks were fighting the invasion force. Unaware of the situation, the Turkish regiment was quickly surrounded. The chief commander tied the flag to his belt and ordered a break-out. Stunned by this action, Chinese were not able to root out the Turkish regiment and albeit the Turks lost more than 700 soldiers that day, they were both able to save their own lives and South Korea together. Turkey was given a full Nato membership and the government did not pursue any claim for being left as a bait.

  11. SPRPhilly


    년 전

    I got halfway through this before I realized that Indy is sitting the chair of wisdom. TGW!

  12. Turki


    년 전

    i wonder what would have happened if the soviet union was apart of those talks and could have vetoed an American involvement

  13. Martin S.

    Martin S.

    년 전

    The reason the Korean War didn't gain as much traction within the public eye had more to do with the dire situation in Europe and the increasing hostility between NATO and the Warsaw Pact countries. The reason the Vietnam war gained so much attention was because it took place, at least for America's part, during the 60's, a decade strongly associated with other forms of reforms, etc.

  14. Indiana Jones

    Indiana Jones

    년 전

    Chair of Wisdom



    년 전

    I am a Filipino and my great grandpapa fought there I still have his medal

  16. walsh451


    년 전

    I feel that it came too soon after the second World War, there was still so much going on in Europe at the time that many history classes and teachers maybe ignore this conflict

  17. Joyce Norment

    Joyce Norment

    년 전

    Today’s, involvement with North Korea’s Kim repeatedly, Represents in finished effects from WW2! As an individual very passionate about history, the current events regarding, N.Korea precipitated my further research with in depth information into WW 1-WW2 from many aspects! After, starting with complete documentations from viewing Epic accounts WW1, followed by,This excellent commentaries Weekly, accounts for The Great War followed by His Preduces which was helpful, in explaining areas and questions I had and viewing epic WW1. He was able to answer Serbia initial responses to the concessions immediately following the accusations

  18. Sam uelson

    Sam uelson

    년 전

    That’s not true, US army and Bolshevik forces actively fought each other during the Russian civil war

  19. Utku Çalışkan

    Utku Çalışkan

    년 전

    Can you guys make a video about turkish invasion cyprus in 1974?

  20. Keith Orbell

    Keith Orbell

    년 전

    Indie and Flo, I'd really like to see your take on the Suez Crisis.

  21. Billy Jackson

    Billy Jackson

    년 전

    Keep pumping out videos!

  22. Δημήτρης Λιατίφης

    Δημήτρης Λιατίφης

    년 전

    Do the Hellenic civil war (1946-1949)

  23. Rat Boi

    Rat Boi

    년 전

    im in 2018 and the war has ended



      년 전

      Jan Papierz Not officially

  24. Essex Class

    Essex Class

    년 전

    Korea was simply too "boring" for people worn out over the second world war, and later for those in the middle of Vietnam, a lot of information available now wasn't then either which is why interest for the Korean War is only sparking up today.

  25. Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen

    Prinz Eugen van Sovoyen

    년 전

    No i think its not that famos because there still were clear battlelines drawn and much of it got supressed by sensorship other than vietnam ,where noone was able to prevent photos and videos of coming home Also during Korea there was widespread support in the US-people not like the Hippies during Vietnam It was to far away ,not eminent enough to stay burned in our brain Back then nobody cared a shit abaut Korea because they still built up and recovered from WW2 It was a war of idelogy and was totally senseless waste of resources After korea there was soon Vietnam but after Vietnam there was long nothing as brutal as it was (except Afghanistan, that also staid in our minds)

  26. Hunter6213


    년 전

    Both Montgomery and MacArthur had said, never challenge the Chinese on land battle.

  27. Andrew Spud

    Andrew Spud

    년 전

    Portuguese civil war (1828 to 1834)

  28. Stormboxer


    년 전

    Wot they have another channel?

  29. Rocdog!


    년 전

    The Korean War has never ended. It’s been under a ceasefire since 1953.

  30. Dan M

    Dan M

    년 전

    Douglas MacArthur was an overrated Idiot by this time

  31. 83RBurke


    년 전

    I think a modern look at the us military intervention in Somalia would be interesting. Thanks for the great vids!

  32. keshav kumar

    keshav kumar

    년 전

    you forgot to mention how china finally had it's revenge of opium wars with england. How it captured british company and made britain feel humiliated that it's not at all the same china.

  33. James Parker

    James Parker

    년 전

    Every time Seoul trades hands take a shot.

  34. jingle bells

    jingle bells

    년 전

    Why would a nation ever want to be caught inbetween two superpowers? Guess they deserve to loose their identity

  35. TheZombie13777


    년 전

    My grandfather was a mechanic in the Korean conflict

  36. eraldorh


    년 전

    Failed to mention the battle at im jin river where a british regiment held off 30,000 chinese giving UN troops time to retreat back to established lines. Almost the entire regiment was killed or captured with only a few slipping away.

  37. Lucas Liso

    Lucas Liso

    년 전

    I would like to hear more about the French-English invasion of the Argentine Confedereacy in 1845, mostly because I have seen so little information about it online, and almost all of it was in Spanish.

  38. Hobbyman TV

    Hobbyman TV

    년 전

    I would like to know your thoughts on answer to your question.

  39. Eraslan Erasla

    Eraslan Erasla

    년 전

    TÜRKüz ATATÜRKçüyüz

  40. Eashani Patel

    Eashani Patel

    년 전

    Thanks you so much! This video helped me so much with my essay!

  41. arunjeet singh

    arunjeet singh

    년 전

    You completely missed the contribution of Indian Army in the Korean war

  42. MrMetalhead


    년 전

    The Korean War was the first conflict in the Cold war that the Communist Chinese, Koreans and Russians actually fought against USA, SK and Their Allies, but Korea was not the only war in the cold war, there was several, but they was not USSR vs USA , Korean War and Vietnam War was the only war where the US , China and USSR actually fought against each other, but u got the Cuban revolution , where Castro Took over Cuba and made it communist, the several African wars of revolutions, Latin American wars of revolution, they all ended in communist governments, but the cold war was never a actual war, it was a time of hostilities, tensions between capitalism and Communism, it could of been ww3 if things didn't happened, like the Collapse of the USSR, the biggest communist nation, the creator of Communism, the first communist nation, creator of the Warsaw pact, once it fell , most commie nations crumbled, except a few, China,Vietnam, north Korea, Cuba, Somalia, Syria and Iran, they remained communist to this day, now u say " Syria and Iran arnt communist" but that is where u are wrong, Syria is Ba'athist, which is a Arab version of Communism, Iran is Khomeini- ist, which is another form of Communism, there is many forms of Communism, Marxist-Leninist, Stalinist, Maoist, Minhist, Kimist, Castroist, Ba'athist, Khomeini-ist, Nasserist, etc, all came from USSR.

  43. BearI91


    년 전

    1945 and 1950 somehow seems far apart

  44. Michael Suarez

    Michael Suarez

    년 전

    The philippines also fought in the korean war. Less 4,000 filipinos against 40,000 combined chinese and north koreans. We lose 129 men and hundreds of wounded to prevent the massacre of thousands of south korean civilians. We don't have air or armor support we only have light weapons, artillery and filipino signature weapon the bolo especially at night.

  45. jaidev ganguly

    jaidev ganguly

    년 전

    plz make a show on india vs pakistan war

  46. Matthew Thomson

    Matthew Thomson

    년 전

    Not an armistice a ceasefire armistice is a treaty between nations that ends a war E.G. Treaty of versielle or Trianon

  47. Ian Moore

    Ian Moore

    년 전

    I feel indy needs to talk about wwi more he never does,that

  48. Dusty151


    년 전

    I think because it still goes on to this day. It seems like it’s never ended because of the nonstop threats made.

  49. Alexandros Naoum

    Alexandros Naoum

    년 전

    maybe little late for comment but the first proxy war was the Greek civil war of 1946-49

  50. jok er

    jok er

    년 전

    My grandfather was in the Korean War

  51. Dimitrije Bozovic

    Dimitrije Bozovic

    년 전

    Well done video, but I strongly object against calling soviets 'Stalin' if you are not gonna call the British 'Churchill'

    • Dimitrije Bozovic

      Dimitrije Bozovic

      년 전

      I am correcting- I do not hate- wording is just wrong- like Soviet propaganda- the cold war is over, man- I'm not even on the Soviet side- it just makes the horrible things that they did more acceptable- if you accept this kind of a wording, you are brain-washed- in the '60s - just like the Commies were

    • Patrick Kenyon

      Patrick Kenyon

      년 전

      "After the death of Stalin IN Russia". Try listening before you throw hate.

    • Patrick Kenyon

      Patrick Kenyon

      년 전

      Russia was not a combatant. They were not supposed to send soldiers.

    • Dimitrije Bozovic

      Dimitrije Bozovic

      년 전

      and, I imagine, is why the west is unable to speak to N.Korea. And they are poor and proud and isolated- they have to fight on your terms... tragedy for those people...

  52. SantomPh


    년 전

    I always thought of Indy as the WW1 guy😅

  53. Ed 2168

    Ed 2168

    2 년 전

    The chair of wisdom enters another war , or police action.

  54. Fly Past

    Fly Past

    2 년 전

    I don’t know why it isn’t as well known but one thing is for sure..... my grandpa won’t talk about what he witnessed in the Korean War.

  55. AlexSDU


    2 년 전

    Korean War is the first UN war. Countries who fought the North Korea was under UN banner.

  56. 1870 Preußen

    1870 Preußen

    2 년 전

    When I grow up I want to have chest hair like Indy

  57. Kevin S

    Kevin S

    2 년 전

    You narrative is strongly American oriented, you amplified Chinese casualty as if they were defeated, although it was a draw militarily, but a political victory for Chinese and first time US ended a war without victory, a shameful war to memorize for American

    • Ahmed Koroma

      Ahmed Koroma

      년 전

      not really America didn't really lose anything, soo I don't see it as shameful.. South Korea just got back what was theirs.. America accomplished what it wanted to do, an that was push N.korea out of S.korea.

  58. Cedric Baccay

    Cedric Baccay

    2 년 전

    Proud of the Filipinos who fought in that war!

  59. G Bendicion

    G Bendicion

    2 년 전

    Do a Philippine-American War

  60. Miko Mido

    Miko Mido

    2 년 전

    Because it's technically ongoing.

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