How To EASILY Add Subtitles & Closed Captions To YouTube Videos

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This is the fastest way to add subtitles or closed captions to your youtube videos. There are a couple of other ways but this is by far the fastest way to get the captions up quick.
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  1. Devante Desiree

    Devante Desiree

    10 일 전

    most people are too lazy, any person with a mobile phone can can earn on *_Onebizopp . c o m_* , it juts works for me.

  2. Maricel Pacao

    Maricel Pacao

    9 개월 전

    This helps me a lots thank you so much xx.

  3. win tun Lin

    win tun Lin

    10 개월 전

    Why my youtube don’t have video manager menu? Only have videos menu. I need to upgrade to premium version?

  4. Mary N

    Mary N

    11 개월 전

    This was great but I created my own captions to a slide show and would like to edit them. I also have added music and it only shows the words to the song but I want to keep the song, not edit the words to it but ONLY edit the captions I wrote under every slide. How do you do that?

  5. Lu Marinho Design

    Lu Marinho Design

    11 개월 전

    Thank You so much !! I like because you were objetive and focus !

  6. zze z

    zze z

    11 개월 전


  7. MherMardoyan Career Coach

    MherMardoyan Career Coach

    년 전

    Thank you very much, i have been searching for this option for a while!

  8. Elaine Petrakis Midnight Crafter

    Elaine Petrakis Midnight Crafter

    년 전

    Thank you Nathan for the detailed and simple explanation of how to add CC to my videos. I watched a few other videos and couldn't quite figure it out. You ROCK!!

  9. Bang Hotang

    Bang Hotang

    년 전

    How to make 2 subtitles??

  10. Bang Hotang

    Bang Hotang

    년 전

    Can I do it from phone?

  11. KUYA JUR


    년 전

    new sibscriber here

  12. Ron Frederick

    Ron Frederick

    년 전

    I went thru this process.... and after I clicked on "publish"...... the subtitles were NOT online in my video? Does it take time to process? thanks

  13. DanTe


    년 전

    I submited captions of a subtitle months ago, but they still don't show up. Why do you think this happens? Who approves the?

  14. The Barbie Sisters

    The Barbie Sisters

    년 전

    Can you do this for phone??

  15. Bauss


    년 전

    would i lose view counts if it an old video??

  16. VTAK CherryTanker

    VTAK CherryTanker

    년 전

    How do I do it on iOS without the use of iMovie?

  17. Partap purna

    Partap purna

    년 전

    Sir it is working but when we share to Facebook and messenger or else download the caption is not coming

  18. Untrained Artist

    Untrained Artist

    년 전

    Thanks for sharing this tip, Gave it a big thumbs up. Even if it is bad never unlike it guys, coz creators work hard to make videos.

  19. Justin that guy

    Justin that guy

    년 전

    I wish there is one for phone

    • ItzCassie_Vlogs


      년 전

      Search in chrome then done

  20. Doodle Noodle

    Doodle Noodle

    년 전

    How do I add to someone else's video?

  21. CYP CYL


    년 전

    How do you change the language of the subtitles?

  22. Rants/Tips


    년 전

    liked !!

  23. Maxie 69

    Maxie 69

    년 전

    Pc only?

    • Jimillumi ¿

      Jimillumi ¿

      년 전

      Yes because its the only device that has video creator

  24. 0000000Lara


    년 전

    you didnt explain how to ACTUALLY ADD SUBTITLES.... YOU SUCK

  25. ACA Learn

    ACA Learn

    년 전

    why you dont play it waste my time



    년 전

    Thank you straight and to the point

  27. LoL LOL

    LoL LOL

    년 전

    But how do I make subtitles for not my own videos,but for other KOplayersr's videos? I would like to help someone withit

    • Bunny Bounce

      Bunny Bounce

      년 전

      yeah me too.

    • Gabriel Ferraz Milet

      Gabriel Ferraz Milet

      년 전

      LoL LOL me too

  28. pillowtrot


    년 전

    Thank you for this. Although the KOplayers interface is no longer quite what you've shown here, it still works basically the same. Your instructions were super helpful!

  29. Meow Meow

    Meow Meow

    년 전

    Not working



    년 전


  31. The Determined Genealogist

    The Determined Genealogist

    년 전

    Thanks for yoru tips

  32. Video Upskill

    Video Upskill

    년 전


  33. SirYeetacus


    년 전

    How do you do it for someone elses

  34. JoeyFoxtrot


    년 전

    Awesome tip! Thank you!

  35. RKF WordPress Tutorials

    RKF WordPress Tutorials

    년 전

    I've been having a problem on this channel and one other, it keeps defaulting to Spanish and doesn't really allow me to change to English, actually it does, though I requires I type it in. I can do that, though I shouldn't have to. Any ideas?

  36. Shuki


    2 년 전

    thx so much!!!!

  37. Generations Now

    Generations Now

    2 년 전

    We have a video uploaded and it doesn't show the automatic CC that seem to be on your video . How do you get CC on the video in the first place?

  38. thecoolerx


    2 년 전

    how do I make other language subtitles?, my videos are on spanish but i a a full english speaker, how can i make those?

  39. Kuruluş Osman

    Kuruluş Osman

    2 년 전

    I went on add cc but it does select any language can you help

  40. Мaria Ivanova

    Мaria Ivanova

    2 년 전

    Thanks for the info. Just a question: what if I want to post English subtitles in a Spanish song?

  41. Khatuna KT

    Khatuna KT

    2 년 전

    It worked. Thank you so much.

    • LoL LOL

      LoL LOL

      년 전

      Freedom Influencer But how do I make subtitles for not my own videos,but for other KOplayersr's videos? I would like to help someone withit Please help if you can

    • Freedom Influencer

      Freedom Influencer

      2 년 전

      Awesome KT! Glad it worked for you! 😀

  42. Kelly's Cookin'

    Kelly's Cookin'

    2 년 전

    Thank you!🙂

  43. luaay33


    2 년 전

    what techno tune is this?sounds cool!

  44. Greg K.

    Greg K.

    2 년 전

    Hi, Nathan - QUESTION - This question is NOT in reference to the auto-generated subtitles.... My QUESTION is regarding the brief appearance and disappearance of the NEW SUBTITLE FACILITY that began appearing under every video on KOplayers as of a few months ago. I would click on it and choose the genuine, accurate subtitle out of usually more than one subtitle available from different sources. For most well-established, old movies there were always a complete and accurate subtitles (again, I'm NOT referring to the auto-generated variety, which is mostly gibberish). So my QUESTION is: Do you know, sir, what ever happened to my beloved optional captions KOplayers established a few months ago and then suddenly removed them altogether a couple of weeks ago??? Thank you so much for your KOplayers videos, as well as my gratitude, in advance, for any information you provide.

  45. Terry Mc Gonigle

    Terry Mc Gonigle

    2 년 전

    hey until recently I was using the automatic captions on my videos and I give them a quick correct, recently the automatic captions are not appearing for me anymore, and I'm really stuck , is there any way to guarantee that they appear for my video?

  46. Hollywood Fast Forward

    Hollywood Fast Forward

    2 년 전


  47. InternetCitizen


    2 년 전

    hi, my problem is, that there is no automatic translation on my video, even though all settings are set to english as default. and the video is also in english.???



    2 년 전

    HOW to insert custom captions ??



    2 년 전

    Very simple and easy to comprehend. Great Video!

    • Dynasti israel Snowden snowden

      Dynasti israel Snowden snowden

      2 년 전


    • Freedom Influencer

      Freedom Influencer

      2 년 전

      Awesome! Thanks!

  50. Anthony Wu

    Anthony Wu

    2 년 전

    How you can EASILY Add Subtitles as well as Closed Captions To KOplayers . com Videos? I use a video editor Contentsamuraipro

  51. david mundy

    david mundy

    2 년 전

    Very Helpful.... I will do that, and THANK YOU for not using a ROBOT VOICE to narrate your videos.

  52. Stephen Kelley

    Stephen Kelley

    2 년 전

    If I record a video. and want to type a caption on the video, would the same rule apply?

  53. Wayne Pennington

    Wayne Pennington

    2 년 전

    My channel does not offer the automatic. It offers pay, or do it yourself! Bummer

  54. Thomas Kirkland

    Thomas Kirkland

    2 년 전

    my closed caption videos doesn't have the CC at the bottom why is that?

    • Thomas Kirkland

      Thomas Kirkland

      2 년 전

      for real what do i do? or does it not show for u on the video?

  55. TeeTalksBeauty


    2 년 전

    I found this helpful. Thank you. I didn't mind the lack of punctuation and there were not very many errors when I tried it on my video!

  56. Filmul Shamanului

    Filmul Shamanului

    2 년 전

    Thanks man, for showing me what i couldn't saw.

  57. The TopWonder

    The TopWonder

    2 년 전

    love your video, thanks man. work perfect to me

  58. Wan Najihah Shahrin

    Wan Najihah Shahrin

    3 년 전

    how to add that text in red box? the "thumbs up! no.. thumbs down?"

  59. ScamBait Central

    ScamBait Central

    3 년 전

    Thanks, Nathan.

  60. Susan Hicks Thetford

    Susan Hicks Thetford

    3 년 전

    The subtitles are appearing but very very gray and hard to read. How do I change that? Should it take a couple hours to actually populate? Can't ever edit ( or even get the edit button for several hours. What am I doing wrong please!!?

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